What Are The Best Flower Investments For 2023?

What are the best flowers for 2023? There are infinite tones, blooms and foliage types to choose from. But with preserved flowers, you can enjoy an arrangement that lasts for months, saving you from the hassle of constantly updating your flowers. Read on to find the best flowers for 2023.

Bespoke Preserved Flower Arrangements

Preserved flowers can last for up to a year and come in an arrangement of many different flower types. Whether you are looking for roses or rhododendrons, carnations or chrysanthemums, with bespoke preserved arrangements, you can enjoy multiple blooms that last all year round. With unique bouquets, you can send a picture of the space you’re looking to fill and have The Magic Flower Company compile the blooms that will suit your space.

Flower Subscriptions

Flower subscriptions are the perfect way to show someone you care. With preserved flower subscriptions, you can enjoy the delivery of long-lasting flowers once every three months. Choose between beautiful foliage bouquets or an arrangement of magic roses with pristine petals that look beautiful for months.

Letterbox Floral Collection

A letterbox floral collection provides both florals and an occasion in one. With the letterbox floral collection, you can try your own hand at flower arranging with convenient delivery of letterbox florals that come straight to your door. Choose between deep purple hues with the mulberry letterbox bouquet or rich yellows with the sandstone or pondland arrangements. Give the gift of a flower arranging class and a stunning bouquet all in one.

Magic Roses

The Magic Flower Company uses specialist preserving technology to extend the natural life of a rose for up to a year. You can choose from a single delicate flower or compile a full bouquet of magic roses. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one to keep for months. From deep black to pure white, preserved roses are the perfect addition to a preserved flower bouquet. Choose from a hand-tied bouquet, a vase arrangement or a delicate bud vase with slimline foliage and two magic roses.

Foliage Bouquets

Preserved foliage bouquets are as stunning as long-lasting flowers. You can enjoy a bouquet of eucalyptus or pampas grass mixed with foliage like the deep red solidago or lavender sprigs. Foliage bouquets are a natural addition to any home. You can also use foliage bouquets to decorate wedding venues or important events.

What Are The Best Flowers For 2023?

The best flower arrangements and gifts for 2023 are long-lasting flowers. Enjoy flowers that last a year, or share them with your loved ones this Christmas and into 2023. Preserved flowers can come in unique bespoke floral collections, letterbox arrangements or via a subscription for multiple bouquets all year round.


Are you looking for the best flowers for 2023? Visit The Magic Flower Company today to share a bespoke flower arrangement or flower subscription with your friends and family.

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