Benefits to a Preserved Rose vs. Fresh Rose

Roses have an enduring appeal, and it is easy to see why these popular flowers have a special place in the hearts of many people. These favourite flowers are instantly recognisable and symbolise many positive feelings, such as love and romance. With more than 300 species of rose available and tens of thousands of varieties in a host of colours, these beautiful flowers are perfect for every occasion.

If you are planning to buy some beautiful roses for your home or business, you may be wondering what are the benefits to preserved roses? Here are just some of the advantages of choosing preserved roses:

Preserved Roses Retain Their Natural Beauty

While fresh roses are beautiful, their petals can soon start to wilt and fade, leaving them looking far from their best. In contrast, long lasting roses are preserved to retain their natural beauty. These long life roses look and feel like fresh roses, but they will stay looking at their best for longer.

Preserved Roses are Long-Lasting

One common question that people have about long life roses is how long do preserved roses last? Here at The Magic Flower Company, our ‘Magic Roses’ collection of preserved flowers are specially treated and can last for at least a year. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of these preserved flowers for far longer.

Preserved Roses are Low-Maintenance

If you want to enjoy the beauty of having real roses in your home without any of the hard work, our long life flowers are a perfect choice. But, you may be wondering how do you look after your preserved roses? Taking care of these beautiful blooms is easy. To keep your long life roses looking at their best, you simply need to keep them away from wet and humid conditions. Lightly dusting your roses as required will help to keep them dust-free and looking beautiful.

Preserved Roses are an Eco-Friendly Choice

Continually buying fresh roses and replacing them when they begin to fade can increase your carbon footprint. Purchasing preserved roses reduces the use of the natural resources required to grow roses. Choosing long lasting roses also cuts the carbon emissions generated by transporting freshly cut roses. These factors help to make preserved roses an eco-friendly choice.

Choosing Preserved Roses Saves You Money 

As well as reducing your carbon footprint, choosing preserved roses also reduces the amount of money you spend on roses. Whether you decide to purchase preserved flower arrangements or a preserved rose bouquet, you can be sure that it will last for months and possibly years. Adding up all the money you would have spent on fresh roses during that time shows how much you can save when choosing preserved roses.

If you’re looking to add some preserved roses to your home décor – take a look at our full collection here.

Do you have a specific idea for your flower arrangement, or do you have a bespoke request? If so, we will be happy to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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