100% Real & Natural Flowers

All of our Magic Flowers, Roses and Foliage are 100% real, thanks to our biodegradable preserving technique.

Our Magic Flowers are guaranteed to live for many months longer than fresh flowers and even require no maintenance; however, they must still be treated with care as they are just as delicate and fragile as fresh flowers. Our Magic Flowers are great for gifts, weddings, business décor and home accessories.

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What Makes Our Magic Flowers ‘Magic’?

All of our Magic Flowers are grown in optimum conditions on the equator, and harvested at the peak of their natural beauty.

The flowers have their natural sap replaced with a glycerine based mixture and the colour of the petals is enhanced with organic dyes. For certain flowers, the heads are treated separately to the stems and then re-joined. Each type of plant has specific preservation requirements and there is careful quality control over the temperature and humidity under which the delicate work is undertaken.

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The Magic Flower Guarantee

Our Magic Flower guarantee is that all of our flowers are 100% real and natural.

Our flowers have not been through a preservation process such as being frozen or freeze-dried. The chemicals we have used to preserve our Magic Flowers are not toxic and do not pose any harm. Our selection of flowers and foliage will not change in shape or colour once you purchase them and, provided they are kept in good conditions, they will stay in the same condition for many months and even years!

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More About Magic Flowers

Magic Flower Care

Our Magic Flowers need very little attention. You only need to consider a few things to ensure they last as long as possible. Always keep them indoors, in a position that isn’t close to a heat or light source, including sunlight, and avoid touching them as they are fragile.

How to Care for your Magic Flowers

Magic Flower Benefits

Magic Flowers are an investment, lasting longer than fresh flowers and staying at their peak condition for many months, for just a fraction of the price. They are 100% real and natural. They won’t irritate hay fever and are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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