Flower Care

Our Magic Flowers are real preserved natural flowers that have been treated with a plant based bio-degradable non-toxic liquid to preserve them.

Follow these guidelines and your flowers should last at least a year:

  • Do not place in water or let your flowers become wet.
  • Do not mix them with other natural flowers that need water.
  • Do not place anywhere near condensation or in a very humid room or environment. Preserved flowers are not suitable for very humid or cold environments.
  • The flowers are for interior use only and should be kept in temperatures from 5-25oC
  • Place out of direct sunlight to prevent fading of colours.
  • Do not place in contact with fabrics or wallpaper to prevent any dye leakage.
  • You can cut the stems at any point up to 1 inch away from the flower base.
  • Always CUT the stems of your Magic Roses if you require them shorter, as snapping them can severely damage the roses.
  • If the flowers become dusty clean by lightly blowing on them or light dusting. Do not clean them with water and do not use any products designed to clean silk flowers; your flowers are real. 

Take care and treat them well and you will be able enjoy your Magic Flowers for many months!