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The Magic Flower Company

The Magic Flower Company has created unique, preserved flowers, long lasting roses, and foliage products that are different from any others around.

We are a family run company, based in a village in Suffolk. We are proud of our attention to detail when it comes to our 100% real and long-lasting Magic Flowers.

We pride ourselves on our special creations that are made with great care from high quality flowers, and the guarantee that they will maintain their natural beauty for many months and even years.

Whether you are a business looking for something special to add to your workplace with our business flowers, or you are searching for the perfect gift to give for a birthday, or perhaps some long lasting roses for your anniversary, Magic Flowers are the ideal option. Invest in a long-lasting decoration and surprise someone special with flowers that will live for at least a year, with our beautifully preserved Magic flowers and foliage.

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The Magic Flower Company
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Why Should You Choose Magic Flowers?

If you enjoy having a fresh bunch of flowers in your house every day, or adding a flower to every table in your restaurant on a daily basis, you may prefer the cost-effective alternative investment of long-lasting, preserved Magic Flowers.

Our biodegradable preservation mixture allows every flower, that we harvest at the peak of their beauty to last for many months longer than fresh flowers. They retain their natural beauty for at least a year, so even though they may cost more than a shop-bought bunch, it will save you money as you will not be spending pounds every other day on replacements.

Magic Flowers are still as fragile and delicate as fresh flowers because our preservation method does not include any frozen or freeze-dried techniques, or contain any artificial elements such as plastics or silks.

The organic mixture that we use is not toxic or harmful in any way, and it is guaranteed to prevent any biological processes from occurring, so your Magic Flowers will stay the same size for many months. Our long-lasting preservation technique presents many benefits to our customers and whatever needs they have.

If you want an economical solution to providing flowers in your workplace on a regular basis, or you want memories of your big day to last many months longer than a fresh bouquet would, then preserved Magic Flowers are the perfect choice.

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Why should you choose Magic Flowers?

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