• Can I cut my Magic Flowers?

Yes, you can cut the flowers with scissors but you should cut no closer than 1” (2.5cm) away from the base of the flower head. Do not attempt to snap the rose stems, as this can result in damage to the heads of the flowers. 

  • Can I wipe my Magic Flowers with a damp cloth to remove dust?

No. You must not allow dampness or moisture near the flowers as it will affect their preservation and longevity. To keep your Magic Flowers clean, you should lightly blow or dust them with a dry cloth or duster. 

  • Can I combine my Magic Flowers with other flowers?

Yes, but they can only be combined with dried or silk flowers or other flowers that do not need to be placed in water to survive. Any water on your Magic Flower heads or in the stalks can cause your Magic Flowers to die prematurely. 

  • How do I order more flowers to top up or refresh my arrangement?

You can order from the Magic Flower Company in any multiples from a single flower to a large bunch. Order online or call us to discuss your order and we will be pleased to supply you with a mix of flowers for you to craft into arrangements.

  • How quickly will I receive my flowers after order?

Your flowers will be made individually to order. We aim to deliver them to you within 3 working days. We do not ship on Fridays to avoid the risk of the arrangement being subject warehouse storage over the weekend which may be damp and effect the life of your Magic Flowers.

  • What is the longest the Magic Flowers will last?

We have known them to last as long as 3 years. But they will start to look a little dryer after about 9 months. To keep the arrangements looking fresh you should think about replenishing them when they are around 1 year old.

  • The arrangement is not what I expected. How do I send it back?

We are working with natural flowers and so the arrangements are similar to the pictures we show on the website but each arrangement is unique and there will always be slight variations in the sizes and colours of the finished pieces. If you would like to return your arrangement, please see our returns policy. You will need to return the flowers to us within 14 days of their delivery to you and they must be in the same good condition as they were sent to you.