The Magic Flower Company

The Magic Flower Company is a family-run business based in a small village in Suffolk.

We source high quality flowers from around the world and our experienced team designs and creates each arrangement individually. We take incredible care with each flower and plant, as they are 100% real so they are very delicate. We are proud of what we have created, and hope they bring a little magic into your life.

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The Magic Flower Story

Our strong passion for creating unique and beautiful products shines through in our 100% real Magic Flowers and Foliage.

We apply our expertise in every element of our Magic Flowers: from the sourcing of high quality flowers around the world, to the individual arrangements and the organic formula that preserves our flowers. We only choose high quality, 100% natural flowers and every bouquet is arranged with careful precision, so they remain perfect from their first day to many months later!

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About Magic Flowers

What are Magic Flowers?

We only harvest flowers at the peak of their natural beauty and, considering their individual needs, we then carefully absorb a completely biodegradable preservation mixture into every plant. Thus, Magic Flowers are created that will last for at least a year longer than shop-bought flowers.

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Our Magic Flowers are perfect for home decoration, business accessories, gifts and weddings, as they will last for a long period of time. They could even be considered as an investment! Whether you require a full bouquet, or a single rose, we have a huge variety of products.

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