How To Enjoy Roses All Year Around

It is no surprise that roses are a favourite flower for many people, with some even choosing them as their wedding flowers. While some flowers may fall in and out of favour, these beautiful blooms consistently enjoy popularity. From their delicate appearance and fragrant scent to their wide variety of colours, it is easy to see why roses hold such a universal appeal.

Unfortunately, the time during which you can enjoy fresh roses in your home is short-lived. As roses only bloom between spring and late autumn, the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful flowers is limited. But the good news is there is an alternative option to consider.

Enjoy Beautiful Roses All Year Round

If you would love to decorate your home with roses throughout the year, this is perfectly possible. If you are looking for long-lasting flowers, our preserved rose arrangements are a perfect choice. 

Here at the Magic Flower Company, we provide the highest-quality long-lasting roses, which enable you to enjoy these beautiful flowers all year long. There are many benefits to choosing your preserved roses for your flower arrangements. However, the fact that preserved roses last for so long and do not require the constant upkeep needed by fresh roses are both significant advantages. 

Preserved Rose Arrangements for Winter

We have an extensive range of preserved roses and preserved rose arrangements that are ideal additions to your home décor this winter. The Milk Jug arrangement is a perfect choice if you are looking for pre-arranged displays for your home over the winter. The rich colours of the foliage will ensure that The Milk Jug becomes a focal point in your room and brightens up the space on a winter’s day.

If you are hoping to create your own beautiful preserved flower arrangement, you can do this with our Magic Roses collection. You can take your pick from a host of beautiful roses in a variety of colours when you browse our gorgeous selection of Magic Roses. These long-lasting flowers retain all the beauty of fresh roses and are available in colours such as the Red Premium Magic Rose and the Antique Cream Premium Magic Rose. Bringing these two coloured roses together is the perfect choice for a winter flower arrangement.

Discover Your Perfect Preserved Roses 

Take a look at the full collection of preserved roses here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking to find something more bespoke.

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