All About Different Types of Roses

All About Different Types of Roses

Roses are the most famous and the most popular flowers in the world, but many people are unaware of the number of varieties there are. This beautiful flower comes in a range of hybrids, colours, shapes and scents as there are over one hundred different species. There are three main classes of rose that exist, here is some information about each one:

Wild Roses

Wild roses are one of the main species of rose as they have been around for thousands of years; by deriving straight from nature, they have been untouched by humans. They have five petals and feature the colours pink, red and white, as well as brightly coloured hips. Blooming once every year, they are very easy to maintain and brighten up any outdoor space.

Old Garden Roses

Also known as antique or heritage, old garden roses are another one of the main classes of rose. Originating from 1867, there are thirteen different species that come from old garden roses, although they are little known. Many benefits of these roses are that they are able to cope well with cold weather, have a very strong fragrance and are good at keeping away diseases.

Modern Garden Roses

The third main species of rose is the modern garden rose, which are bred after 1867, and almost all types of roses belong to this category; when asked to imagine a classic rose, this is the variety that will come to mind. Continuously blooming throughout the year, the modern garden rose have long stems with large flowers in a range of colours. Even though they lack fragrance, they are the most popular rose to date.

Within these core groups are many numerous different types of roses, from climbing to shrub, and miniature to tree. Take a look at our Magic Roses today, so you can enjoy the longer lasting beauty of the popular flower.

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