What Are Letterbox Flowers?

While many of us communicate digitally these days, we still enjoy sending and receiving nice little surprises through the post and, with letterbox flowers, you can now send bouquets by mail for any occasion.

Sending a beautiful bouquet by post is convenient, easy to do and saves you time on heading to the shops. Rather than selecting a pre-arranged bouquet of flowers, letterbox flowers allow you to give that personal touch by customising the bouquet to your liking.

Since each of our blooms are hand-preserved, you can be sure they’ll arrive in top condition and look fresh out of the box, every time.

How Can I Send Flowers By Post?

How do letterbox flowers work? The answer is easy: first, check out our page, where you’ll find an array of letterbox bouquets, made to order and ready to go.

Flowers through the letterbox make a great gift when you’re short on time, but you still want to send something extra special. Choose something you think the recipient will love: perhaps in their favourite colours, or something that you know will match their home decor perfectly.

Why Send Flowers By Mail?

Our UK letterbox flowers service is convenient, easy, and perfect for when you’re short on time, but still want to send a gift that is sure to make someone smile. Alternatively, if you simply want to treat yourself and prefer the ease of items being sent to your home, you can even send them to yourself.

What Styles Are Available?

At Magic Flower, we have a range of styles and colours available, from our charming Pondland bouquets with sprigs of fresh Peppermint Eucalyptus to our dried Sandstone bouquets in elegant neutral tones. Whether your recipient loves lush foliage, bright and bold blooms or a mixture of the two, our range of perfectly preserved bouquets are a lovely surprise to receive by mail. Once you have selected your flowers, simply make your order and wait for it to arrive.

How Long Will My Bouquet Take to Arrive?

Typically letterbox flowers UK delivery takes three working days to arrive.

Please note: to avoid the risk of our letterbox bouquets being kept in a warehouse over the weekend we do not ship on Fridays. This is because storage conditions may be damp, which could affect the condition of your bouquet. Please note that orders placed after midday on Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. For further information on our dedicated delivery services including prices, please visit our shipping policy page.

How Do You Deliver Bouquets by Post?

Most of our packages are delivered by premium fragile courier service, which excludes the use of conveyor belts potentially damaging your delicate floral arrangement. Flower delivery letterbox-style can be done via Royal Mail, as the packages we use for this enable us to keep your bouquets safe and fresh.

How Long Do Letterbox Flowers Stay Fresh For?

How long do letterbox flowers last in the box? As long as any of our other bouquets. Each of our blooms are preserved using a specialist non-toxic solution, which helps to slow down the natural wilting process.

Our Magic Flower Letterbox Florals Collection is the perfect long-lasting gift for anyone – including yourself! Take a look today.

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