Benefits of Letterbox Flowers

Benefits of Letterbox Flowers

Earlier this year, we introduced our preserved letterbox flowers to our shop as another option for delivering long-lasting flowers to your homes. They have been incredibly popular, especially during the pandemic, so we wanted to take a look at the reasons behind this.

Why Are More People Choosing Letterbox Flowers?

Convenience is Key

Have you thought about sending flowers as a gift before, but you’ve been worried about the recipient not being at home to receive them? With letterbox flowers, you don’t need to worry! As they have been specifically designed to seamlessly fit through the letterbox, there’s no doubt that the recipient will be welcomed by their gift when they get home. You can have peace of mind knowing they were delivered safely.

Your Unique Arrangement

No matter which letterbox flowers you choose, you have the freedom to create your own unique arrangement. As they do not arrive in a pre-arranged bunch, you can do whatever you want with them! You could arrange them yourself in a vase, spread them out amongst different vases, or look at the online arrangement and copy that.


If cost is an important factor for you, then it’s important to know that letterbox flowers are a cheaper, yet just as beautiful, alternative to other bouquets and arrangements. They are smaller as they arrive loosely and without a vessel which means that they cost less but they still provide you with a stunning bouquet. They are still the same quality just delivered in a smaller box and at a more affordable price.

Magic Flower Letterbox Florals Collection 

Our Magic Flower Letterbox Florals Collection has been designed for you to get more hands on with your floral arrangements. Our team design the bouquets and leave you to put them together in your favourite vase at home. They are also perfect for gifts, with different options to choose from and the great fact that they will last for up to a year!

Choose long-lasting letterbox flowers today.

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