How to Package Preserved Flowers

Everyone deserves to have the joy of flowers, but it might seem like an impossibility unless you live near a florist or have your own blooming garden. However, florists and floral arrangement companies take great care to ensure everyone can brighten up their homes with something beautiful.

Learn more about preserved flower packaging options and the best ways to pack flowers for shipping below. The next time you purchase flowers for yourself or for someone as a gift, you can have some insight into how packaging and shipping occur.

Preserved Flower Packaging

Consider the Flowers You’re Shipping

How flowers and floral arrangements are packed for shipping can depend on the arrangements themselves. For example, preserved flower packaging can be different from transporting flowers in a vase, and different materials may be required to keep them safe.

Some companies might even use more than one shipping company to ensure all recipients receive their flowers in the best possible condition. If you’re unsure how your chosen bouquet or floral arrangement will be shipped, contact your chosen florist, such as the Magic Flower Company, for more information. 

Utilising Flat Packing

There are many reasons why letterbox floral arrangements are popular with many gift givers and receivers. They allow you to arrange them as you would prefer in your own vase, and this gives you an opportunity to flex your creative muscles.

However, they are also much easier to package and send than your traditional floral arrangements. All preserved flowers are flat-packed in letterbox delivery packages and are delivered by conventional letter carriers. They can then be slipped into mail slots without worrying about waiting for the courier to arrive.

Using a Special Shipping Service

Some of the best flower companies, such as Magic Flower Company, will utilise special shipping services to ensure all flower arrangements arrive at their destination in excellent condition. For example, our shipping policy outlines how we ship most orders through a premium fragile courier service in partnership with APC.

This service prevents fragile items like our once-off or subscription bouquets from being trundled along conveyor belts during the delivery process. Letterbox bouquets and some foliage are also sent via Royal Mail First Class for a convenient mailbox delivery process.

Choosing Sustainable Packaging Options

Sometimes, simplicity is best regarding packaging flowers for shipping and presentation, including preserved flowers. Bouquets are often bound together and wrapped in decorative paper, while flower arrangements with flowers and foliage are displayed in containers, such as a basket, box, or vase.

Preserved flowers in containers like boxes or vases can be ideal for those who plan to gift their arrangement and want it to be as beautifully presented as possible.

If you’ve opted for letterbox flowers, of which there are many benefits, you get to enjoy a nearly packaging-free arrangement, giving you the creative freedom to arrange them as you want. This option also tends to be among the most eco-friendly, especially as they don’t come with unnecessary labels, stickers, and decorations.  

Order your Magic Flower arrangement today, whether it’s in a vase or letterbox flowers, to see how we package our preserved flowers, or get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke requirements.


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