Are Preserved Flowers the Most Sustainable Choice?

Are Preserved Flowers the Most Sustainable Choice?

Sustainability has been a popular topic across the world and so, consumers feel inclined to know information about the products they want to purchase. They are not only looking for high-quality products, but environmentally and planet friendly ones too.

How sustainable are preserved flowers? Are they the most sustainable choice for house décor, gifts and event decorations?

Sustainable Benefits of Preserved Flowers

Low Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is used to measure the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a product. The lower the carbon footprint, the lower the impact on the environment. Due to the long-lasting life of preserved flowers, this immediately reduces the amount of production and transportation required; these processes commonly emit greenhouse gases.

Less Energy Consumption

Following on from the point above, due to the lower demand for transportation from preserved flowers, they also use less energy. Compared to fresh flowers, they need a lot less space and they also do not require refrigeration. This means that less units are needed for haulage and less energy is used to run the necessary equipment.

Fewer Resources & Chemicals Used

Due to less need for production with preserved flowers, less fertiliser and pesticides are used which contain chemicals that transfer to the soil. Although they are still needed when the flowers are being grown, there is greater reduction in the amount of water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy during this process.

Easy Maintenance

As well as their transfer, preserved flowers also require less energy during their maintenance and upkeep too. Although they are natural flowers, the preservation process means that they do not require any light or water. To be able to save on water and electricity for light sources, this contributes to their lower energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction

Another maintenance factor of preserved flowers important to their sustainability is that they produce less waste. Fresh flowers have to be replaced nearly every week meaning both the flowers and the packaging they are bought in will have to be thrown away. Our preserved Magic Flowers last up to a year, so they do not need to be replaced on a weekly basis.

Sustainable Preserved Flowers from Magic Flower Company

Compared to fresh flowers, preserved flowers are clearly the most sustainable choice. Whether it’s for domestic decoration, special events or as a present, their long-lasting life span adds great value to the planet as they can be reused and displayed for up to a year.

Less resources are used, and less energy is consumed making them the 100% ecological choice. Have a browse of our shop today which contains many preserved flower options!

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