Why Preserved Flowers Make the Perfect Winter Wedding Flowers

Are you making plans for your winter wedding? If so, then you may be considering which flowers to use for your arrangements that will guarantee your venue looks stunning. Winter can be a magical time to get married; it provides gorgeous seasonal shades and the chance of a truly white wedding.

There are lots of options for winter wedding flowers, however, one of the most popular options would be to use preserved flowers.

Benefits of Preserved Flowers for Winter Weddings 

Preserved flowers are prepared using natural processes to ensure that they do not die or wilt. These products have been popular for decades and have recently become a big hit in the wedding industry. Here are some of the key reasons why these flowers could be perfect for your winter wedding.

Last Longer

Why should you choose preserved flowers for your wedding? First, it’s worth noting that preserved winter flowers last far longer overall. Indeed, options such as long-lasting roses could remain in pristine condition long after your wedding night ends.

How long do preserved flowers last? When cared for properly, preserved flowers can last at least one year. However, in some cases, preserved flowers may last as long as thirty-five years – I’m not sure if Magic Flowers last this long haha, maybe remove? They certainly won’t need to be thrown away at the end of your wedding day. 

More Cost-Effective

Preserved winter wedding flowers, including premium roses, are often a far more cost-effective solution compared to the typical fresh flowers that you can purchase for your wedding. Why is this? Since they last longer, they are easier to produce. As such, you can save a little more money on your wedding budget with this choice and still create a stunning aesthetic for your winter wedding. 

Best Flowers for a Winter Wedding

There are lots of beautiful winter wedding flower ideas that could be the perfect fit for your special day.

Festive Wonders

Have you set a December wedding date? If so, then you should consider adding festive preserved winter flowers to your arrangement. This will ensure that your wedding feels cosy, inviting, and filled with joy. For rich flowers with vibrant, velvet colours, some of the best choices include amaryllis and poinsettias. These can be decorated with other festive choices including holly, ivy, and berries. Festive choices like this represent ideas such as love and hope meaning they are the ideal choice to celebrate a newlywed couple.

Modern Selections

You may want your winter wedding to have a modern aesthetic. If so, then you need to opt for flowers with muted tones including soft creams and peachy shades. Some of the best options here include calla lilies or even white tulips. As well as being a great option to scatter and dot around your wedding venue, they also make stunning centrepiece attractions.


Premium roses are a classic choice for your wedding regardless of when you are getting married. However, they will provide colour and life if you pick these flowers for your celebration during the winter season. Premium roses are available in a variety of colours and will always have a significant impact. You could even choose red long-lasting roses for your wedding day.

Rustic Options

Winter is the perfect time for a rustic wedding theme for couples who are keen to use their celebration to connect with nature. To achieve this type of effect, you should focus on earthy tones as well as natural accents. Don’t forget, you can also use greenery and foliage to complement choices here including antique cream roses.

Brighter Choices

Finally, you might want to think about ensuring that your wedding is bright and beautiful with flower arrangements that contrast with the subtler tones of the winter season. If that’s the case, then you might want to consider using flowers with bright purple shades, deep oranges, and vibrant reds. Purple gypsophila is a wonderful choice for this type of impact or you could go for something like an orange premium magic rose. Choices like this are sure to stand out and gain a lot of attention from guests at your wedding. 

As you can see, preserved flowers will provide wonderful benefits for your winter wedding, regardless of which type you choose. If you’re looking for the perfect preserved flowers for your wedding, find out how we can help you here. We have a wide selection of beautiful flowers for you to choose from.

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