How to Pick Flowers for a Winter Wedding

How to Pick Flowers for a Winter Wedding

Some people are lovers of the winter season which is why they choose to have a winter wedding.

Although fewer florals bloom in the winter months, there are still various options you can choose from for your bridal bouquet and decorations, so you don’t have to compromise. 

Wedding Flowers for Winter

Some flowers that are in season for winter weddings are Amaryllis, Anemone, Ranunculus, and Roses.


Amaryllis are one of the most versatile winter wedding flowers as they are still available in all different colours, even at this time of year. You don’t have to stick to traditional festive, wintery colour schemes, you can create your own unique bouquet with these soft and velvety blooms.


A similar shape to a poppy, anemone also pose vibrant colour varieties with a distinctive centre and a flourishing shape. Combine them with other winter flowers to add volume and a more modern take on your wedding décor.


Ranunculus is like a cross between a rose and a dahlia, layer upon layer of soft petals creating a truly romantic vibe. You don’t need a lot of these stems to make an impact, even if you just want to use them as a corsage, they will be perfect in any pink or peachy tone.


Available all year round, roses had to be included in the winter wedding flower list. Utterly romantic, roses are perfect for any part of your wedding; you could even combine the festivities and romance by choosing the classic red rose. Remember, our Magic Roses are available all year round and will last all year round too!

Winter Wedding Flowers Centrepieces

Here are some ideas for your centrepieces:

Magical Winter Wonderland

Add some sparkle to your wedding décor with frosty metallics mixed with dusty pinks. Like the glistening snowy floor, pair some wintry branches with some twinkling fairy light and you can create a beautiful winter wonderland.

A Timeless Classic

Capture the natural beauty of the winter season and opt for an all-white wedding. Whites, creams and ivories in a variety of textures can emulate the serene white wedding every winter lover dreams of. 

Don’t Forget About Foliage!

Although foliage may not be your first choice for wedding décor, branches like pussy willow and leafy eucalyptus sprigs are perfectly simple for centrepieces. They are versatile so you can hang trinkets and lights off the branches and design a fabulous, forest feel with greenery. 

No matter what you choose, as long as it suits your personality, that’s the main thing. By coming to the Magic Flower Company for your wedding flowers and foliage, you can guarantee that everything will be in season and available due to our glycerine-based preservation method. Have a browse today!

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