Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

Whilst the warmer months are more popular for weddings, winter brings a certain magic to nuptials that makes them distinct from others taking place throughout the year. If you’re planning to tie the knot this winter, you’ll want your bouquets and arrangements to compliment the beautiful season you’ve chosen to get married in.

We’ve put together some of our favourite winter wedding flower trends for some inspiration.

Greenery and Foliage

Greenery, foliage and wild grasses are a great way to bring earthy tones to your wedding flowers while tying in with the seasonal evergreens. Paired with fragrant, pastel-toned blooms like antique cream roses, jewel green elements can work perfectly within winter-woodland themed wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Bright & Beautiful

Whilst we commonly associate winter weddings with frosty white and soft cream tones, incorporating a pop of bright colour will add warmth and energy to your special day. For this trend, we think hot pinks, vibrant purples and deep oranges are best.

You might be reluctant to embrace bright reds to avoid your special day looking Christmas-themed, but we think deep toned reds like crimson, maroon and plum add an element of opulence without veering too close to the season’s most commonly associated colour.

Winter Glamour

Lavenders, cool blues and silvery greys work together perfectly to create glamourous wedding flower bouquets and arrangements for brides that are looking to incorporate some extra sparkle into their special day. To take this trend to the next level, try adding iridescent jewels, tonnes of tulle and sparkling silver ribbons.

Unique Textures

Because natural, live flowers can be limited in availability during the winter months, incorporating interesting textures can fill out a bouquet and make it more memorable than a more traditional selection of flowers. Why not try adding feathers for a unique twist that adds extra depth - or pinecones for a seasonal variation.

Add Berries

Take advantage of the season’s fruit and add berries to your bouquet for a beautiful, but rustic aesthetic. As we’ve mentioned above, non-floral elements can be used to compliment wider themes and add an additional level of detail that won’t go unnoticed.

We think this winter wedding flower trend works best for weddings with an elegant countryside look.

Bespoke Preserved Winter Wedding Flowers

Preserved flowers are a fantastic choice for winter wedding flowers that last. We can supply bespoke displays, arrangements and bouquets that are tailor-made to your floral needs.

Get in-touch with our experienced team to discuss how we can help you make sure your wedding flowers bring an extra touch of magic to your day.

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