Why Preserved Flowers are Perfect for Bar and Restaurant Décor

Why Preserved Flowers are Perfect for Bar and Restaurant Décor

Using flowers or plants for decoration in restaurants and bars is a great way to add extra personality to a venue and create atmosphere for guests.

Many bars and restaurants incorporate plants in their decorations and although they always look beautiful, fresh flowers can be time-consuming, messy and costly to maintain.

You can achieve stunning décor without the mess, tedious upkeep or expense, with preserved flowers.

Why Use Preserved Flowers to Decorate a Restaurants and Bars

There are several features of preserved flowers that make them the best restaurant decoration, we’ve outlined some of the main points here.

No Mess

Unlike fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers are a mess-free option for bar and restaurant décor.

Whilst preserved flowers still need to be treated with the same care as fresh flowers, if they’re looked after properly you won’t have to worry about clearing away shed foliage, fallen petals or loose pollen.

In an industry as fast-paced as hospitality, this saves valuable time which could otherwise be spent on more productive tasks and delivering great service to customers.


Preserved flower displays and arrangements are stunning and can be counted on to brighten up any room they are placed in.

Enriching the ambience of your venue by complimenting the existing décor, our beautiful, preserved flowers make a memorable feature for any restaurant or bar.

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

Using preserved flowers for bar and restaurant décor is a much more sustainable option than using traditional cut flowers that only last for a maximum of two weeks before needing to be replaced. Less waste is created, fewer harmful chemicals are used to grow them, and less energy is used to produce them.

Our preserved flowers can last for months, if not years, when cared for properly. Compared to cut flowers, which tend to wilt and die after 1 or 2 weeks, preserved flowers are much more cost-effective than having to constantly replace live flowers.

On top of this, restaurant owners and staff won’t need to spend time topping up or changing the water in vases because preserved flowers don’t require any water at all to retain their beauty.

Preserved Flowers for Bar and Restaurant Décor from The Magic Flower Company

If you’re interested in having something extra special made for your restaurant or bar, we also offer bespoke, tailor-made arrangements, displays, table centrepieces, bouquets and more.

Our team will work with you to design and deliver a solution for your individual needs, whether you want to make a slight tweak to something we already offer online, or you’d like a completely unique creation.

Browse our collection of arrangements and bouquets or get in touch with us to discuss a custom design.

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