Why Do We Give Flowers on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a long-standing tradition, with the day being devoted to displaying love and appreciation for mums across the country. Typically, people show their affection through a lovely bouquet of flowers and here we look at the reason behind this.

Why Should We Give Flowers?

 Offering flowers on Mother's Day is a way for people to express their gratitude and appreciation. Flowers are a perfect way to this as they often symbolise beauty, warmth and love – things we can associate with being a mum.

Whether it's a bouquet of roses or a stunning arrangement of lilies flowers make the perfect timeless gift as they have the ability to brighten up her day with just one look. The choice for the right flowers to include in your gift can often be overwhelming. 

However, if you’re wondering which flowers to gift your mother, each flower symbolises something different so it’s always the thought that counts. .

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Flowers 

Flowers are a very personal choice, with everyone having different preferences. For Mother’s Day especially, take time to find out your loved one’s favourite flower type, along with their favourite colours. This can help you know which flowers/colour combinations or flower would be best, in case you want to create your own bouquet.

Alternatively, visit a florist who can help create the perfect bouquet with the knowledge of your mum’s favourite flower type or colour preferences. Overall, it is the thought that counts, and the symbolism of appreciation in the form of flowers is bound to make your mother feel appreciated on her special day. 

If you’re looking for a bouquet that captures your lasting love, consider our collection of preserved bouquets and floral arrangements. Visit our website to browse our range of flowers to gift, or get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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