The Meanings Behind Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers

The Meanings Behind Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers

It goes without saying that flowers are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts! Did you know that different flowers have different meanings though? This means you can tailor your floral gifts for your mother figure to make sure they suit them to a tee.

Here are the meanings behind traditional Mother’s Day flowers to help you choose which ones to give this year.

Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Meanings


All over the world, carnations are the classic Mother’s Day flowers, symbolising the eternal love that a mother has for their children. The formal name for carnations is dianthus which comes from the Greek meaning ‘heavenly flower’, which embodies the motherly figure perfectly. No matter what colour you choose, they will always represent love, admiration and distinction. 


Known as one of the flowers to symbolise spring, tulips are especially ideal for new mothers, signifying new beginnings. Available in a rainbow of colours, there are so many options to gift this Mother’s Day, along with the overall elegance of the tulip shape. You have the option to choose their favourite colour, pink to represent happiness, yellow to emulate joy, or purple to express admiration – or a combination of them all!


In many cultures, the lily is considered as the perfect Mother’s Day gift as they symbolise fertility and motherhood. There are a number of lily varieties to choose from, like oriental lilies, pink, white or orange lilies, the options are endless! Completely unique, exotic and regal, they represent each mother in the world and are seen as a luxurious gift with a distinct scent to fill the room.


Chrysanthemums are not just a great choice for Mother’s Day flowers because they have the word ‘mum’ in them, but because they traditionally symbolise support and friendship. These qualities are prominent in every mother figure which makes a bouquet of these blooms the perfect gift! Red ones in particular represent motherly love and gratitude, and honesty is signified in pink and white chrysanthemums, along with loyalty.


Did you know that roses are historically linked to motherhood? They were thought to be sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, the ideal mother, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. With these significant roots, a premium bouquet or arrangement of roses are the way to show your mum you love and appreciate her.

Say Happy Mother’s Day with Magic Roses

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