What is Your Birthday Flower?

What is Your Birthday Flower?

Just like birthstones, every month has a birth flower which represents something different. Sometimes it is believed that the person attains the qualities of the flower for the month that they are born in. So, what is yours?

January Birthday Flower


Carnations are the birth flower for January as they are one of the few flowers that can thrive in cold weather; it is said that people with January birthdays are dependable which is consequently reflected in the dependant carnation. Different colours have different meanings so choose their favourite colour for a January birthday present.

February Birthday Flower


Irises are the birth flowers for February and they come in a beautiful array of colours: white, yellow and, of course, purple. Their star shape formation and connotations of wisdom and admiration make them the perfect bouquet to gift for a February birthday.

March Birthday Flower


When you think of Spring, it is most likely that you will think of the daffodil which is why it is named as the birth flower of March. As they bloom year after year, they have come to symbolise trustworthiness and loyalty, as well as new beginnings, so you can show appreciation for your friendship by giving daffodils for a March birthday.

April Birthday Flower


Daisies are always cheerful and another reminder that Spring has sprung which makes them the perfect birth flower for April. No matter what colour or variety you choose, a bunch of gerbera daisies will light up your friend’s birthday in April.

May Birthday Flower

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is the birth flower for May and as May is the last month that they bloom, it makes them extra exclusive. Their bell-shape flower makes them a popular choice when it comes to giving them as a celebratory gift and their sweet scent even more so. 

June Birthday Flower


The arrival of the summer season is marked with the rose, the birth flower of June. We have already written a blog about ‘The Month of the Rose’, stating that the rose represents joy and happiness, as well as romance, so should be used in all June celebrations including birthdays. Don’t limit yourself to a red rose, explore the different colours and varieties for your gift – Check out our Magic Roses so your gift will last longer!

July Birthday Flower


Quintessentially British, the delphinium is the birth flower for the month of July. Although their meaning varies from colour to colour, positivity and generosity generally surround these flowers making them a great gift for July birthdays.

August Birthday Flower


With pointed tips and long, tough stems, the gladioli can be considered as a unique gift for an August birthday and reflect strength in the receiver. A wide range of colours to choose from means you can create a vibrant arrangement for a loved one with plenty of drama and luxury.

September Birthday Flower


Love and elegance are symbolised by asters which makes them ideal for giving as a gift to significant others and family members. They brighten up the start of autumn and will let your loved ones know how much they mean to you when you give them as a gift for a September birthday.

October Birthday Flower


Marigolds are the birth flower for October and if you are born in October, you probably share some of the qualities that marigolds symbolise. A hardy flower that represents passion and creativity, with golden yellow petals that shine on the gloomiest of days.

November Birthday Flower


Chrysanthemum is usually associated with and gifted on Mother’s Day, but it is actually the birth flower for November. Each colour has its own symbolic meaning but overall they are thought to bring good luck and joy to the receiver, and some believe they are the flowers of royalty.

December Birthday Flower


Poinsettias are often related to Christmas and the good cheer that they bring, which is why they are the birth flower for December. The bright red blooms ooze festivity but also indulgence and celebration which makes them a perfect gift for December birthdays.

Now you know which flower represents each month, you can tailor your gifts to match the ideal arrangement. If you still can’t choose, take a look at our range of gifts and arrangements today!

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