The Flower of the Month: The Rose

The Flower of the Month: The Rose

You may not know this, but each month of the year has its own birthday flower, also known as the flower of the month. June’s birthday flower is the rose because its striking beauty signifies the arrival of the summer season.

Roses are one of the most popular species of flowers, and have been for many years; even the Ancient Romans grew roses for decoration purposes. They are cultivated on every continent across the world, with the Netherlands being the leading export. Often used in perfumes and cosmetics, the rose is seen as a luxurious specimen that will never go out of fashion. There is such a variety of different roses, each one should be celebrated in the month of June. 

It is sometimes believed that the person acquires the characteristics of the flower for the month that they are born in. So, if you are born in June, you will adopt the qualities of a rose: devotion and passion, alongside delicacy and elegance. As well as these traits, the thorns signify that June babies can protect themselves and, although they may seem sensitive, they have courage and will always stand up for themselves.

Traditionally, the month of June is known for celebrations and festivities, specifically weddings. Another perfect justification for the rose being named as the flower of the month! The rose is symbolic of love, so what better reason to include this romantic species into your special, June wedding. With other added connotations such as joy and happiness, roses are perfect for other June celebrations, whether it be a birthday or an anniversary.

You don’t always need an excuse to buy roses, but with all of these reasons and the fact that it is the June birthday flower, it gives you even more motivation to do so. Why not gift a loved one who’s birthday is in June with Magic Roses this year?

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