What Do the Number of Roses Signify?

Giving roses is the perfect way to show your love or to celebrate a special occasion, especially when using bespoke preserved flower arrangements that are lovingly created to last. However, you shouldn’t only look to find the prettiest flowers. You should also consider the meaning behind the number of roses included in the bouquet.

The symbolism of roses extends beyond the flower itself. This guide to the number of roses meaning will provide the info you need ahead of your next purchase.

What Does the Number of Roses Mean?

A Single Rose

When buying roses from Magic Flower, you must consider the colour choices. After all, red roses can carry a vastly different meaning to white roses or pink roses. However, when you ask “what does the number of roses mean?”, it is important to start with the single rose.

Giving a single rose is naturally a very cute gesture for youngsters or newly courting couples. However, it’s not just a display of affection; it actually stands for ‘love at first sight’.

Therefore, a single preserved rose can be an ongoing reminder of your feelings towards the recipient even if you’ve been together for years.

Multiple Roses (2-10)

After learning that one rose has a distinct meaning, you may quickly assume that there are further connotations based on the number of roses given – and you’d be right.

This quick guide explains the symbolism behind the number of roses between 2-10 to help you make a clear statement when celebrating an anniversary or other memorable occasion.

  • 2 roses - to show that you are deeply in love.
  • 3 roses - a clear statement of “I love you”.
  • 4 roses - to showcase your united and unbreakable bond.
  • 5 roses - a display of love that’s also suitable for friends.
  • 6 roses - half a dozen roses to symbolise the fact that you want to be theirs.
  • 7 roses - to symbolise your infatuation.
  • 8 roses - to show support to a friend or relative during tough times.
  • 9 roses - a declaration of your eternal love.
  • 10 roses - a clear statement that they are perfect in your eyes.

Milestone Roses (11-100)

When looking at real flowers or preserved flower arrangements, you could easily assume that more is better. However, the meaning of different numbers connected to roses should guide your purchase. Here are the big numbers that you should know; 

  • 12 roses - a dozen red roses are very popular on Valentine’s Day due to the romance.
  • 13 roses - a symbol of eternal friendship or a secret admirer.
  • 14 roses - to show pride.
  • 15 roses - to signify a wish for forgiveness.
  • 18 roses - a message to stay young and beautiful.
  • 20 roses - a symbol of sincerity and belief.
  • 24 roses - two dozen red roses shows that someone is always on your mind.
  • 25 roses - to wish someone all the happiness in the world.
  • 30 roses - to signify faith and faithfulness.
  • 33 roses - to symbolise affection.
  • 40 roses - a symbol of genuine love.
  • 44 roses - a symbol of your constant love.
  • 50 roses - to symbolise your unconditional love.
  • 66 roses - a message that “my love for you will never change”.
  • 77 roses - to signify that the recipient is your soulmate.
  • 88 roses - to make a statement of an apology.
  • 99 roses - a message that “I will love you till the day I die”.
  • 100 roses to symbolize your devotion.

Bespoke Preserved Flower Arrangements

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