The Meaning of Rose Colours

The Meaning of Rose Colours

What do rose colours symbolise in the UK?

With their traditional beauty and desirable fragrance, roses have always been seen as a classic gift but, did you know that there are different meanings for each colour of rose? By recognising each symbolic definition, the significance behind the gift and the gesture deepens.

Red Roses (Classic Rose)

The red rose is one of the most well-known symbols for true love and has been sought after through the ages. By representing romance and passion, giving the gift of a red rose will always be the ultimate way to say ‘I love you’. A deeper shade of red reflects beauty and perfection.

Pink Roses

Both light and dark pink roses have a different meanings: a light shade of pink is associated with grace and gentleness and is given as an expression of sympathy. A darker shade of pink is traditionally given as a way to say ‘thank you’, reflecting gratitude and admiration.

Yellow Roses

Reflecting a bright and cheerful temperament, and by symbolising the sun, yellow roses are the best way to cheer people up. Whether you want to say ‘get well soon’, or ‘congratulations’, you can show you care with a bunch of roses that represent friendship.

White Roses

Traditionally, before red roses, white ones were known for representing true love. Now, the purity of the colour white symbolises a gesture of remembrance, as well as being commonly associated with marriage and new beginnings.

Orange Roses

Orange is obviously a vibrant and energetic colour, and this intense shade reflects desire and passion. Therefore, by gifting a bunch of orange roses it adds enthusiasm and excitement to your chosen message.

Peach Roses

A bouquet of peach roses is the perfect way to show your appreciation and gratitude towards someone. It is a very elegant colour which can reflect modesty and sincerity, so if you want to say ‘thank you’, choose peach roses to do so.

Purple Roses (Premium Rose)

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, one of the best ways to express this is with enchanting lilac roses as they can provide a daily reminder of love. Roses that are a deeper shade of purple reflect a sense of royalty and luxury.

Cream Roses (Premium Rose)

Show someone that you’re thinking of them with cream roses; if you know someone that is going through a tough time or there is someone you haven’t seen in a while, remind them that you’re there for them with a thoughtful bouquet.

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