Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Preserved Flowers

Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Preserved Flowers

Flowers are key to any wedding; you can’t have a wedding without them! What’s great about flowers is that they are so versatile, they can be used for many different kinds of decoration. Here are some great ways to decorate your venue with preserved flowers:

Preserved Flower Wedding Decorations

Pew End Flowers

A classic floral decoration but one that makes an incredible impact, preserved flowers placed at the pew ends enhances the aisle and brightens up the seating area. If you don’t have pews, another option could be to add them to the back of your chairs. Still creating the same impact, as when guests walk in to be seated, they will be greeted with a sea of flowers.

Floral Wedding Arch

Getting married underneath a floral wedding arch makes a statement and is great for photo opportunities. It can also be moved so guest walk through it when entering the reception, making it a adaptable yet eye-catching decoration.

Wedding Table Centrepieces

Preserved flower table centrepieces are ideal as they can be kept after the wedding and used as decorations around the marital home or given as gifts throughout the year. At the Magic Flower Company, we have some great ideas about centrepieces here or we also have the ability to create custom arrangements for weddings.

A Feature Wall

Whether you choose a complete flower wall as a feature at your wedding or you create a photo wall with nostalgic images of the bride and groom, make sure to choose preserved flowers. When stringing your favourite memories together and hanging them up, add flowers using the pegs too to embellish these beautiful moments.

Ladders or Crates 

Other feature pieces include using ladders or crates to display your preserved flowers on. Definitely channelling a rustic, vintage feel, stacking crates on top of each other and filling the gaps with flowers are a great way to incorporate some floral finishes. Ladders are completely versatile and provide shelving for all sorts of décor, including preserved flowers.

Decorate Your Wedding with Magic Flowers

We have a wide range of preserved flowers, roses, foliage and arrangements for you to choose from for your floral wedding decorations. With the ability to provide custom orders too, you can ensure your preserved flowers accurately match your wedding theme and are perfect to enjoy in your home for months afterwards.

Take a look around our shop today or contact us directly for any enquiries.

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