Wedding Table Flower Ideas

Wedding Table Flower Ideas

There are so many decorative elements of a wedding to think about, it’s hard knowing where to start and how to keep up with them all. Luckily, we have come up with a few ideas for the table centrepieces to help you along and give you some inspiration. 

Simple Flower Vase

You can’t go wrong with a simple vase; it will match your colour scheme and won’t complicate or overwhelm the table. Fill it with your chosen wedding flowers and voila! If you wanted to add a bit more pizzazz, you could scatter some petals around the vase or make the vase stand out by placing it on a pile of vintage books.

Wooden Crate

Whether you are aiming for a rustic feel or a vibrant, colourful theme, a little wooden box can be perfect for your table flowers. You are able to personalise these by painting them to co-ordinate with your colour scheme, or even adding your names and wedding date to them. Patterned or glittery, embellished or simple, whatever you decide, make it your own.

Floating Petals

A unique and charming idea for table flowers is to fill a glass bowl with flower heads, petals and candles. You could use any glass bowls you have around the house for a more personal touch, or purchase some from a charity shop to bring a more vintage feel.

Tall Centrepiece

If you would rather opt for making a statement, there is no better way than displaying your wedding flowers in a tall, extravagant vase. Not only does this give your reception room more impact, but also exudes a luxurious feel throughout. Strike the balance right and make sure you don’t block people’s view too much!

Pots, Tins and Buckets

Potted flowers can make a cute, quirky addition to your tables, whether they be in pots, tins or buckets. To make them even more distinctive, you can personalise them by painting letters on to spell out something special to you such as your names, ‘love’ or the wedding date.

We hope that we have given you a little bit of inspiration for your table flowers, and just remember that every one of these ideas can be altered in a way to suit your wedding theme. Contact us today to discuss wedding flower quotes and what we can do for you. We also arrange bespoke flower arrangements & flowers for businesses - if you can dream it, we can arrange it!

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