The Origins and Meanings of Flowers

The Origins and Meanings of Flowers

We have already written articles about the different meanings of rose colours and the different anniversary flowers, but what are the origins and meanings behind some of the most popular flowers we see?


Dating back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and East Asia, lilies symbolised death and sorrow, and were usually given as a sympathy flower at funerals. However, they are also known to represent fertility and life, making them more appropriate for celebratory events like birthdays and pregnancies.


Originally utilised in the agricultural industry, their seeds were used to make flour and oil. Although still maintaining this purpose, they are now also consumed for their beauty which can evoke many positive feelings such as happiness and adoration. Even though these are positive, it has also been said that they symbolise arrogance and haughtiness.


Brought to Britain by the Romans, it was believed that daffodils brought healing powers, as well as good luck and hope. A well-known sign of Spring and new life, they symbolise rebirth and new beginnings, but they also have a hidden meaning too. Daffodils can be given as a way of apologising and asking for forgiveness.


Originally grown in Persia in the 10th Century, they were brought over to Europe in the 16th Century and are generally seen as a ‘happy’ flower. The different colours symbolise different meanings e.g. purple represents royalty, white represents forgiveness and yellow represents joy. Overall though, tulips signify a declaration of love.

All flowers exude beauty and are great presents for the people you love, but it’s interesting to know the meaning behind them as it puts more thought into your gift. Why not go an extra mile and give long-lasting, preserved flowers as a message of love or celebration? Browse our Magic Flowers today.

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