I'm Sorry Flowers & Arrangements

I'm Sorry Flowers & Arrangements

Do you need to right a wrong? There is no better way to apologise than with flowers. Choosing their favourite species and colour is your best bet when deciding on an arrangement, but if you want to go one step further, pick flowers that specifically symbolise remorse.

Flowers for Forgiveness

White Tulips

The colour white is commonly associated with purity which in reflection symbolises pure intentions. Also, if you wish to start over with someone, you can use white tulips to gesture a fresh start in a beautifully meaningful way. Such an elegant flower, you only need a simple bunch and a personalised card to express your apology.

White Lilies

Similar to white tulips, white lilies are an ideal choice for sympathy flowers. Dainty and delicate, they should be treated with care much like your friendships, especially after a misunderstanding. By pairing lilies with brighter blooms, you can brighten the mood and suggest a vibrant refresh along with your apology.

White Orchids

Following a theme of white, white orchids are well-known to symbolise sincerity, love and care. They are the perfect bloom to express the love and care you have for a family member or best friend, alongside the sincerity of your apology. Also, they should be handled with care and well looked after just like a relationship – if you treat them well, they will last forever.

Blue Hyacinth

The official peacemaker is the blue hyacinth, so if you want to extend an olive branch after a misunderstanding, a bouquet of these flowers is perfect. Forgiveness is near enough guaranteed with hyacinths as they are the best way to offer a truce and to express your yearning for peace.


Different colour roses have different meanings behind them, so for saying ‘I’m Sorry’, the best colours are Red or Yellow. Red roses are more suited to apologising to your other half, expressing your love and affection for them. Yellow roses are better for apologising to friends as they symbolise friendship and innocence. Why not apologise with Magic Roses so your heartfelt message is appreciated for longer?

Apology Gifts & Arrangements

Apology Gifts & Arrangements

The Little Drawer of Happiness is our top choice for an apology gift. You can customise it by choosing from Red, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cream, White, Pink, Apricot so you can pick their favourite colour. Displayed in a unique box, it will bring happiness to your friend and we are sure you will receive forgiveness in return.

Flowers are a traditional gift for a reason, so take a look at all of our Magic Flower Arrangements and find the perfect one to say, “I’m Sorry.”

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