Decorating Your Workplace with Preserved Flowers

No matter what industry you work in, we believe that you should always decorate your workplace with preserved flowers. 

Decorating your workplace with flowers has many proven benefits, including a reduction in stress levels, whereas sickness rates also plummet while you've got flowers around you.

There have also been scientific studies into productivity levels around flowers. A leading UK university found a 15% spike in creativity and productivity levels with a floral arrangement in the room.

Which flowers should I use to decorate?

Here are a few suggestions for getting a little bit of extra colour into your workplace: 

Magic Flower Arrangements

Beautiful preserved flower arrangements are perfect for decorating large spaces and bringing a pop of colour into room. Business meeting and conference vicinities, hotel bedrooms and reception areas are just some examples of which rooms would benefit from a hassle-free Magic Flower Arrangement.

Magic Flower Arrangements

Choose from our variety of bouquets that are all pre-arranged and arrive in the pictured vase, secured in dry oasis. If your premises follows a colour scheme and you would prefer a specific arrangement but with different hues, contact us and we can make changes where possible. Designed to last for a year, you can rely on Magic Flower Arrangements for long-lasting, maintenance-free décor.

Preserved Table Roses

If you are part of the hectic hospitality business, replacing fresh flowers to decorate your tables on a weekly basis is one thing we’re sure that you could do without. Magic Flower Table Roses provide you with vibrant roses displayed in quaint vases, simple but perfect for table decorations.

Preserved Table Arrangements

Dot them around large spaces, like entertainment venues, to add small touches to overcrowded rooms and to effectively bring them to life. Already got vases that you use for fresh flowers? We also supply a wide range of preserved roses so you can pick from our variety of colours and admire their beauty for up to a year.

Bud Vases

Magic Flower Bud Vases present both preserved roses and foliage in a simple vase, adding more volume and versatility. These sleek and modern designs can be placed on window sills around an office or can be used decorate your desk instead of fresh flowers that wilt and fade.

Bud Vases

Our real, preserved flowers are the ideal way to bring a bit of Magic into your workplace. You can make an investment by buying in bulk and receiving a discount, as well as not having to replace your blooms for nearly a year! What are you waiting for? Take the hassle out of decoration and browse our shop today.

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