Christmas Flower Decorations and Centrepieces

Christmas Flower Decorations and Centrepieces

The interior of your home at Christmas is like a canvas, and what better way to decorate it than with Christmas floral arrangements and centrepieces! Here are a couple of Christmas floral arrangement ideas for your home this year:

Christmas Preserved Rose Centrepiece

Red and white roses make a statement that also correlates with the Christmas colour scheme. Combine these with some greenery and you have Christmas wrapped up in a staple piece for your home this season. By balancing the arrangement with 3 different colour roses and 3 different species of greenery and displaying them in an eye-catching vase, you can create the perfect composition.

Christmas Wreath

What is more classic than a Christmas wreath? This year you should make it personal and present a homemade Christmas flower arrangement in the form of a wreath, and instead of it hanging on the front door, you can use it as a table centrepiece! Utilise the traditional greenery of ivy and holly and then accessorise it with the flowers and fruit of your choice. 

Extra Additions

To make your Christmas flower decorations and centrepieces even more festive, you can add some embellishments. Jingle bells are the sound of Christmas and can also be used to add the finishing touch and a pop of colour to your floral decorations. Candles are a good addition to be incorporated into your Christmas wreath as they are a traditional part of Christmas and will truly make it a centrepiece.

It is a good idea at this time of year to invest in preserved flowers for your decorations and centrepieces as their beauty will last throughout the season. At the Magic Flower Company, we supply a wide range of preserved flowers, as well as a bespoke preserved flower arrangement service. Our greenery can be used in your homemade Christmas flower arrangements, as well as handcrafted arrangements made by us. Take a look today, or alteratively, contact us with any questions you have.

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