4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Preserved Flowers

With their beauty, elegance and colour, floral arrangements have the natural ability to enhance, enliven or soften the ambience of their surroundings.

Whether it’s the classic allure of a single rose on a restaurant table or a vibrant display of a luxury flower bouquet to greet guests in a hotel reception, there is little doubt that flowers add a personal touch to any business service as well as introduce a hint of nature.

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Unfortunately, many businesses decide not to display flowers due to the cost and effort of replacing them and keeping them fresh. If you are one of those businesses, then Magic Flowers could be the answer you are looking for.

Our beautiful, preserved flowers and foliage live for at least one year, maintaining their natural and fresh appearance making them the perfect investment as well as décor for your business. Below are four reasons why your business should consider using preserved flowers.

Preserved Flowers Are:


Business preserved flowers cost a fraction of the price of fresh flowers while their delicate beauty and visual appeal make them virtually indistinguishable from cut flowers. With a lifespan of at least twelve months, your business need only invest in a floral arrangement once a year to benefit from these savings.

Low Maintenance

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers do not need to be watered or placed in sunlight, nor do you need to look out for any dry leaves or wilting to keep them looking at their best.  Magic Flowers and foliage are contained in dry oasis that does not need water, ensuring you will always have fresh-looking flowers and foliage.

Without the need for regular replacement, your business will also be free of the hassle of scheduling flower deliveries and arranging displays.

Ideal for Any Setting

As all allergens are removed during the preservations process, you can be sure that your clientele and employees will not be affected by pollen sensitivities or allergies making Magic Flowers suitable for any setting.

Without the need to water or care for preserved flowers, you can also rest assured that they will not attract any bugs or insects unlike natural flowers and foliage often does.

Rich foliage such as our preserved Parvafolia can uplift any indoor space and makes the perfect accompaniment to any office or meeting room. Without water or daylight required, this 1.8m tall tree is simple to maintain and should last for a few years.


With water conservation being high on many businesses' agendas, by using preserved flowers over fresh alternatives you can play your part in saving water when decorating your spaces.

This can help make your business more environmentally friendly and socially conscious at the same time.

Magic Flower Company Business Referral Scheme

Do you know any businesses that are regularly changing their flowers or are looking to improve their sustainability? If so, you could earn free Magic Flowers through our Business Referral Scheme for making a referral that results in them placing an order with us.

Do you have a business in mind that can benefit from preserved flowers and roses? Get them to contact us today!

With all of these great reasons for choosing preserved flowers, give your business a burst of colour and natural beauty today.

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