Pink Garden Rose

Pink Garden Rose

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These beautiful Pink Garden Roses are different to our Premium Magic Rose, in that the heads are made up of many fine petal layers, giving the impression of a very full headed rose. These look fantastic in a small vase with some sprigs of our Preserved Parvafolia. 

They come on a stem of around 25cm with preserved rose leaves. The whole rose measures around 28cm from the base of the stem to the top of the head. The diameter of the head is around 5-6cm. 

All of our Magic Roses are naturally grown roses that are specially treated to preserve their natural state with a non-harmful, biodegradable substance. Magic Roses will not continue to grow and if kept in suitable conditions should last many months and even years. Our preserved flowers are great for making into a bunch of one or multiple colours, and even creating your own arrangement using our other Magic Flowers.