Why You Should Use Preserved Flowers for Weddings

The use of flowers as decoration is an age-old tradition seen in many cultures around the world, with a history steeped in symbolism. The origins of the rose as a symbol of love and beauty can be traced back to Southwest China in around 3000 BCE. In Ancient Rome, roses were used to represent fidelity, fertility and fresh beginnings which is a tradition that continues to this day.

Other historical uses of the rose as part of a wedding ceremony are somewhat less romantic: in the 15th Century (when people bathed less regularly), flowers were carried by brides to mask the scent of body odour - and if that failed to work, spices and garlic were incorporated into floral arrangements (this was also thought to ward off evil spirits).

it's clear that flowers have always been vital feature to a traditional wedding; here we’ve listed some reasons as to why our preserved flower for weddings will give this classic element a modern twist.

Flowers That Last All Day

Today, we’re more likely to use flowers purely for their visual and sensory effects, and while cut flowers are a beautiful addition to any special occasion, using them as decor can prove somewhat challenging, especially for longer events like weddings.

Add in factors such as summer heat and variety (certain blooms such as peonies are more fragile and less likely to stand up to a day of celebrations), and the aesthetic appeal of cut flowers can quickly start to wilt. Using preserved flowers for weddings can help ensure your floral arrangements look stunning all day long.

The “Queen of Flowers”

A variety of flowers can be seen at weddings, with traditional favourites including baby’s breath, lilacs and hydrangeas. However, roses tend to be favoured over any other type of flower and has been referred to as the ‘queen of flowers” due to its unrivalled loveliness. With their heady scent and wide variety of shapes and colours, roses add a sense of luxury to the proceedings without being too expensive.

A Rose By Any Other Name

As an enduring symbol of love and romance, the rose has been used by writers and artists for centuries. William Shakespeare mentions roses over 70 times throughout his work, most notably in Romeo and Juliet, as well as in several of his Sonnets.

Inspired by the great writer, horticulturalists have developed several varieties of Shakespearian rose such as the Rosa Sweet Juliet, and even a rose named after Shakespeare himself: a velvety, fuschia-coloured variety with layers of petals not dissimilar to an Elizabethan ruff.

A Beautiful Memento

Prepared by hand using a special non-toxic solution, preserved roses for weddings not only last all day, but can stay looking fresh for up to a year if properly maintained, making them a lovely reminder of a special day.

In colours ranging from traditional pinks, whites and reds to chic, modern black matte roses, there’s a variety of preserved wedding flowers to suit all styles of bridal decor - whether used as single blooms or as part of a larger arrangement.

Other varieties of flower you can use to complement roses include carnations, daisies and freesias. Why not take a look at our Magic Flower rose collection today, or contact our team to find out how you can start designing the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding.

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