Why Preserved Flowers Make the Best Centrepiece

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that all rooms need a proper centrepiece. Focal points are necessary for bringing decór themes together and for the room to make sense.

In this post, we run through some of the reasons you should use preserved flowers for centrepiece arrangements in your rooms.

They Last a Long Time

Most cut flowers begin to wilt within 3 to 5 days when placed in a vase with water, with some species surviving for up to two weeks.

Long-life roses, however, last considerably longer. We cut flowers at the peak of their bloom when they are at their most beautiful, add a glycerine-based solution and dehydrate them before adding colours. This process prevents natural breakdown processing by killing germs and removing the water they need to thrive.

No Maintenance Required

Keeping fresh flowers requires considerable maintenance. You need to provide water, food, and keep them in sunlight – and even then, they won’t last.

Preserved flowers, though, are different. They don’t require any sunlight or watering and they stay looking fresh for months. Just put them in a vase and that’s it.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Plastic flowers often wind up in landfill or the ocean, which clearly isn’t good for the planet, but even fresh flowers have their faults. High transportation costs and their short life means that they require significant resources to keep them year-round, even if they biodegrade when you dispose of them. 

Preserved flower arrangements side-step both of these issues. Each flower lasts for months, eliminating the need for you to replace it, not only this but it will also break down naturally, once you discard it.

You Can Create Beautiful Bouquets

Bespoke flower arrangements using preserved flowers can be just as beautiful as conventional displays, too. That’s because we offer preserved foliage to complement and bulk up your bouquets. You can create stunning arrangements, just like you’d find at a conventional florist. Combine it with red, black, pink, white, yellow, and orange roses in our collection.

They’re Cost-Effective

While preserved flowers might cost slightly more per unit, they save you money long-term. Unlike most roses that you need to replace every week or so, magic flowers let you brighten your home for months on end without any additional expense. Depending on the conditions, they may last for up to three years, saving you a fortune.

You Can Give Them to Anyone

Lastly, roses are a timeless gift. However, preserved roses could be even better because they continue to adorn the recipients’ centrepieces for years.

So, there you have it: some of the reasons why our preserved flowers make the best centrepieces. Which will you choose? Have a browse through our collections today

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