Why Our Preserved Flowers Are Perfect for Business

When looking at office decoration ideas or products to brighten up your commercial spaces, preserved business flowers are the perfect addition for companies in virtually all locations and industries.

At Magic Flower Company, we deliver preserved flowers to businesses across the UK. Here are just some of the reasons why more and more companies are turning to this style of flower arrangement.

Make a Great First Impression 

Studies show that your company has only 7 seconds to make a great first impression on visitors. Our preserved business flowers will deliver a welcoming environment and set a positive tone, especially when they are colour-coordinated with the rest of the building.

Flowers make the perfect office decoration, reception desk accessory, or table décor for restaurants, cafes, and hotel rooms. Opting for preserved flowers also helps you avoid problems caused by dead leaves and decaying plant matter. You’ll gain the perfect look at all times.

They Are Low Maintenance 

Whether buying preserved roses or any other flowers for business, they don’t just provide the perfect office decoration for today – they are set to last and will not require maintenance. This saves you time and energy while ensuring that the perfect look remains.

You won’t need to worry about watering the flowers or ensuring that they get sunlight. In short, once they have been placed in the right position our preserved business flowers do not need a second’s thought. So, you will be able to focus on the benefits without any negative features.

Their Impact is Very Powerful

When looking for office decoration ideas or ways to brighten up your store, preserved flowers aren’t only great because they’ll last for a year or longer. Once dehydrated, we add colour to ensure that they pop with a bold and unmissable look.

A quick look at the impact of colour in interior design will highlight the benefits of preserved flowers. While natural flowers can sometimes provide an underwhelming look, we deliver flowers to businesses that are guaranteed to capture the attention for many months. It’s the least that you deserve.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Modern businesses need to show social responsibility, not least because consumers expect it, and adopting greener choices is the perfect outlet. While most people assume that traditional flowers are the best option, choosing preserved plants is the best. 

While plastic flowers often end up in the rubbish, having flower deliveries every few days causes a lot of CO2 emissions during transportation. Preserved business flowers combine the best features of natural flowers while avoiding the problems caused by their short lifespan. Perfect! 

You’ll Save Money 

Ultimately, every business decision is a financial one. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality flowers to businesses that are designed to help you save money. Our preserved flower arrangements are a cost-effective way to help your company shine. Every time.

Whether choosing a standard selection or a bespoke arrangement, our preserved business flowers are roughly the same price as a fresh bouquet. However, the fact that you won’t need to replace them every few days or spend money maintaining them will save you a fortune. Voila. 

Whether you’re looking for bespoke or existing designs, our preserved flowers make the perfect business flowers.

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