Why Long-Lasting Roses Are Perfect For Summer

Roses are perhaps the world’s most popular flower. We’ve been embroiled in a collective love affair with them for centuries. They are big, beautiful, and one of the most fragrant species known, further brightening the summer months when they bloom.


Interestingly, though, many cultures associate roses with winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, people give them as gifts on Valentine’s Day in freezing cold February and at cold-weather weddings.


The purpose of this post is to demonstrate that roses are also perfect for summer. These delightful flowers can add a touch of colour and freshness to your vases and bouquets, brightening up your space when the weather gets hot.

What roses are good for summer?

Several types of roses are suitable for the summer months. These include:-

  • Climbing roses – a type of rose bred to climb canes, arbours, or trees, adding depth, texture, and vibrancy to outdoor displays or your home’s exterior.
  • Miniature roses – roses that have smaller flowers than their larger counterparts, growing as compact plants instead of sprawling bushes, ideal for pots and containers.
  • Shrub roses – a special type of low-maintenance rose cultivar that grows into a bushy plant with abundant, sometimes spectacular, blooms. Many are highly resistant to pest infestation, heat, disease, and drought.

What colour roses are perfect for summer 

Once you’ve chosen the rose type, the next question is: which colour is best for Summer roses?

As you might already know, roses come in several hues designed for practically any garden or flower arrangement. They’re available in black, white, red, yellow and numerous other shades in between.


Pink is perhaps the most popular summer rose colour. This quintessentially playful hue symbolises gratitude, admiration and appreciation. It’s the perfect tone for expressing your love for someone special and can help generate a romantic atmosphere in your home.


 Yellow is another excellent option for the summer months, representing happiness, joy and youthfulness. Roses in this colour have an uncanny ability to brighten up the dingiest spaces and bring your exteriors and interiors to life. You can combine them with other flowers, such as lilies, daisies, and sunflowers for added texture and effect.


You might also want to experiment with the somewhat rarer orange roses, conveying the excitement, enthusiasm and energy which often accompany the summer. They add colour and vitality to your surroundings and look fantastic in the evening, complementing the setting sun. You can pair them with numerous species in your garden or home vases, including dahlias, gerberas, and marigolds.

Long-lasting versions of all these roses are even better. They look just like the real thing but won’t wilt in the heat and don’t require watering. Keep them year-round!

Looking to brighten your home up for the summer? Take a look at our long-lasting roses here or get in touch if you’d like a bespoke bouquet.

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