Why is Gypsophila Called Baby’s Breath?

Why is Gypsophila Called Baby’s Breath?

Gypsophila is a beautiful, delicate flower that is commonly used as a filler in flower arrangements and bouquets. They’re often found in bridal bouquets or alongside roses for Valentine's Day arrangements, but these dainty, elegant blooms look right at home in any display. 

Gypsophila mostly comes in white and cream but there are pale pink and yellow varieties available too. It’s also possible to dye the flowers to achieve a variety of different shades fit for every occasion.  

These dainty, elegant blooms look right at home in any display from table arrangements to hand tied bouquets, but have you ever wondered why they are sometimes called baby’s breath? 

How Did Baby’s Breath Get its Name? 

Baby’s breath has been a popular gift for baby showers for years now, which is where some say its name originates from. However, alternative perspectives suggest that because they’re small and delicate, the name Baby’s breath reflects their use as a small whisper of an accent amongst other flowers. 

Gypsophila Meaning 

Baby’s breath’s scientific genus name gypsophila comes from the Greek words gypos and philos which mean ‘gypsum’ and ‘loving’ respectively, referencing the flower’s preference for growing in gypsum-rich soil. 

Baby’s breath stems are often gifted to new or expectant mothers because of their association with the innocence, pureness and freedom from corruption of children.  

When used in wedding bouquets and arrangements, the white variety symbolises the purity of marriage, serving as a reminder to cherish our loved ones and shower them with as much affection as possible.  

In the Christian faith, baby’s breath flowers are said to symbolise the Holy Spirit, purity, self-discipline and freedom.  

Preserved Baby’s Breath from The Magic Flower Company 

Preserved baby’s breath features in many of our bouquets and arrangements at The Magic Flower Company. Whether paired with neutral-toned preserved foliage like in our Sandstone Letterbox Bouquet, or used to offset bright red rose heads in our A Hint of Romance Arrangement, gypsophila stems always make a beautiful addition. 

Or, if you prefer a more minimalist look, we also stock gypsophila stems on their own in creampurple and pink. 

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