What Vase Shape is Best to Complement Roses?

When displaying roses, it’s not just about the colour and size you choose. If you’re really wanting to go the extra mile, remember the small details. It’s not just about the flowers, the vases they’re held in can make a big difference.

With so many options to choose from, we’ve put together a list of recommendations. You’ll be sure to find something that matches your house décor.

Take a look:

  1. Glass Vases

    Chances are, if you think about vases, you’re probably picturing a glass vase. However, gone are the days of stereotypical clear glass, they now come in varying colours, shapes and sizes.

    A glass vase is a go-to choice for those who often change their home aesthetic. Perhaps if you’re looking for a gift, this is an easy option if you’re unsure which would complement their home.
  1. Cylinder Vases

    Still love the traditional feel? Not a problem. Cylinder vases are still a great option.These vases are perfect for large bouquets, or flowers with longer stems (such as sunflowers) because of their shape. 
  1. Ceramic Vases

    If you like the look of a traditional vase but still want something a little unique. Ceramic vases could be the vase for you. Again, these vases come in different shapes and sizes.

    A stylish option for anyone trying to emulate a modern aesthetic. Some have patterns whilst others are textured. This means there is sure to be something for everyone.

  2. Cube Vases

    Looking for something different? Have you thought about a cube vase? Whether you want something more shallow for smaller displays or a taller one for your blooms, the different shape is a great way to make your arrangements stand out.


If you really want to make your arrangements stand out, why not try a preserved flower arrangement? Long-lasting flowers are a great way to enjoy the beauty of flowers with minimal work.

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