What is the March’s Birth Flower?

Struggling to choose the perfect flower to celebrate someone’s birthday? We’ve all been there. However, did you know that every month has a birth flower associated with it?

In this blog we’ll discuss what the month of march’s flower is and what that means.

One of the hallmarks of this delightful season is the daffodil, a cheerful flower that symbolises hope and renewal. With its bright yellow petals and delicate shape, the daffodil brings a touch of sunshine to our lives and serves as a reminder that better days are on the horizon.

What is the Birth Flower for March?

Month’s flower is the daffodil. A beautiful flower that symbolises both hope and renewal. It’s signature yellow petals and iconic shape brings a touch of sunshine to your day.

More than just a common sight in spring, the daffodil has had a long and beautiful history. In ancient Greek mythology, the daffodil is mentioned in the story of Narcissus, a man who fell in love with his own reflection (yes, that is where we get today’s meaning of the word from) and was converted into a flower.

However, over time it’s meaning has changed as it now represents the resilience and courage.

Celebrating with Daffodils

March is often the time of year where the winter weather turns into a milder temperature, indicating that spring is on its way. As a flower that represents it’s the perfect choice to brighten our homes. The iconic yellow flower is a great way to bring the beauty of outdoors indoors.

Ideas for Floral Arrangements

Whether you’re looking to mix them with other spring staples (tulips or hyacinths to name a few) are the perfect way to create a vibrant display. Alternatively, you can let them stand alone as a simple yet effective arrangement that showcases their beauty.

Can you Preserve Daffodils? 

These stunning flowers, like all flowers, don’t often last long. However, preserving them can change this.  At magic flower, we can preserve flowers to ensure they last for up to a year, allowing you to enjoy your charm long after.

If you’re looking to update your decor with some beautiful preserved flowers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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