What Is The Longest-Lasting Flower?

We’ve all been disappointed by wilting flower arrangements only a few days after purchase. Finding the longest-lasting flower can keep beautiful blooming flowers alive in your home for as long as possible. Read on to find out what the longest-lasting flower is.

One Year Roses

Most natural flowers will only last a few weeks in their vases. But with the Magic Flower Company, you can enjoy long-lasting roses which last for over a year. You can order a singular beautiful rose or even a fully preserved flower arrangement. The Magic Flower Company uses a specialist treatment on real plants to extend their lifespan. Paired with a collection of long-life foliage, you can enjoy a bouquet that lasts all year round.


Chrysanthemums have the longest natural lifespan of any non-treated plant and can last up to three weeks in a vase. They come in a lot of different colours, from pure white to vibrant yellows and pinks. When put in a mixed bouquet they will often outlast other flowers, so you might want to keep them in a bouquet of their own to enjoy a three-week bloom.


Carnations can last between two-three weeks in a vase. Their pleated petals are a welcome addition to any bouquet, and the frills of the petals can even be a different colour from the rest of the flower. Carnations are usually available from late spring through to early summer in the wild and can bloom for up to two months.

Lilies & Alstroemerias

Lilies and alstroemerias (known as the Peruvian Lily) can last up to two weeks in a bouquet. Alstroemerias in particular must be watered regularly to thrive for a fortnight. The Peruvian Lily is similar in appearance to the traditional lily but is not from the same plant family.


The Clematis is a climbing plant that can produce flowers in a range of colours, traditionally a deep purple or pink. Clematis are a welcome addition to any flower collection and can last up to two weeks in a bouquet. Clematis produce bright, pointed petals that will definitely add colour to any room.


Delphiniums bloom in a stunning mix of blue, violet and white, and can last over two weeks in a bouquet. Their delicate flower gatherings make an eye-catching addition to any arrangement. They’ve been part of a UK floral bouquet for centuries, and are a common addition to an English garden.

Keep Flowers That Last A Year

No matter how much we love our floral arrangements, it can often be sad even when the hardiest plants wilt after a few weeks. With the Magic Flower Company, you can enjoy vibrant roses and flower arrangements that last all year long. Contact us to find out how we can create your favourite preserved flowers today.

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