What Is My Birth Flower if I’m Born in April?

Spring has officially Sprung and with that brings a whole new rage of floral arrangements. However, one thing that is a mainstay is the official flower for April. If you were born in April you’re birth flower is the Sweat Pea.

Here we take a deeper look at this beautiful flower including everything from colour to the symbolism.

Does a Sweet Pea Flower have a Strong Smell?

Walking around a garden in April you’ll no doubt find yourself surrounded by Sweet Peas, probably in a variety of colours. Their hues can range from pastels to rich jewel tones, another signature of the flower is the sweet smell that accompanies it.

What does the Sweet Pea Symbolise?

Sweet Pea flowers are often associated with blissful pleasure, gratitude and appreciation, making them the perfect thank you gift. They often serve as a gentle reminder to enjoy the simple joys in life and to cherish individual moments of happiness.

However, gifting this beautiful flower can sometimes be seen as an expression of appreciation to the recipient.

Whether adorning a bouquet or adorning a garden trellis, Sweet Peas served as a poignant expression of love and admiration.

How to Look After a Sweet Pea Flower?

Whilst the flower is beautiful, they also require careful attention. They are best kept in cool, moist conditions with access to sunlight. Support is also needed for their tendrils as well as regular watering to ensure a healthy growth. 

However, whilst they are difficult to look after, preserved Sweet Peas can last for up to a year and you’ll be able to appreciate the flower for longer! At Magic Flower Company, our arrangements are handled with care and be made bespoke to your needs, including the beautiful sweat pea.

Whether commemorating a birthday, anniversary, or important milestone, our floral creations are sure to be the perfect gift. 

As we embrace the beauty of April, let us revel in the delicate beauty and fragrant allure of the Sweet Pea.

If you’re looking for a bespoke preserved flower, get in touch with us today. Alternatively, you can take a look at our full collection here.

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