What Flowers Should You Include in Your Bespoke Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up Your Home?

Are you exploring ways to brighten up your home? Perhaps you want to embrace the summer season and bring the shades of summer into your property. If so, then you should consider using a beautiful summer bouquet.  Summer bouquets can include a wide variety of different flower types to ensure that it is beautiful, bright flowers. Here are some of the examples we recommend that you include for your own summer bespoke flower arrangements.



One of the best options for your summer bespoke flower arrangements would be sunflowers. Nothing says welcome to summer quite like sunflowers. After all, these beautiful bright sparks of yellow perfectly capture the appearance of miniature suns. Sunflowers are also often associated with happiness and joy. They are certain to bring more life to your home when used in your summer bouquet. You’ll also find that these are quite often used as part of summer wedding bouquets too.



Alternatively, you might want to think about adding lavender to your bespoke flower arrangements this summer. The fragrance and gorgeous shade of purple is ideal for any summer bouquet. It’s a heavenly scent and one that is often considered to be incredibly soothing as well. You can pair lavender with a wide assortment of flowers to ensure that your bouquet is charming and incredibly decorative.



 Often known as gillyflowers, this choice will ensure that your preserved flower arrangements possess a rustic charm that will be perfect for a rural home. Alternatively, you can use an option like to compliment a biophilic design. One of the best things about this choice of flower is that they bloom in a massive range of different colours. Whether you want to add lavenders, creams or pinks to your flower arrangement, stock flowers are one of the best ways to do it.


Another popular choice for summer bouquets is peonies. One of the problems with peonies is that they don’t last very long at all. If you are worried about this when creating your bouquet you should consider using preserved flower arrangements. The benefit of bespoke preserved flower arrangements is that they last far longer. This means that you have more time to appreciate the beauty and splendor of choices like peonies. If you do select this option for your summer flower arrangement, then you’ll have wonderful large ball-shaped flowers with countless petals. They look dazzling in photos and in person, which is one of the reasons why you’ll often see them as part of instagram shots.


We hope this helps you select some of the best options for your summer bouquet. If you need more inspiration for your summer bouquet, make sure that you explore our wonderful collections of bespoke flower arrangements. Alternatively, you can contact us today if you’d like a bespoke bouquet for your home this summer

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