What Flowers Should I Choose for Each Room?

What Flowers Should I Choose for Each Room?

So, you have designed and decorated every room exactly how you want it but you need some finishing touches to make it feel complete. What better to choose than a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Here’s a guide for what we believe are the best flower for every room.

Room-by-Room Guide for Flowers


With all of the beautiful aromas filling your kitchen whilst you’re cooking, you don’t want to add a floral smell into the mix. Which is why you should choose flowers that are subtly scented yet still beautiful, like sunflowers or dahlias.

These can still brighten up your kitchen space and stand out from the clutter than can pile up throughout the week. Or, why not choose one of our Magic Flower Arrangements that are also fragrance-free but last months longer than a fresh bunch?

Living Room

For your living room, the most versatile and most visited room of them all, you should opt for flowers that can work around your colour scheme, the season and even your spontaneity. 

Tulips come in a huge range of colours and shapes that can match whatever mood you are in. Choose yellow for the spring and white for the winter, purple in the summer and orange or red for the autumn.


If you have always wanted to have orchids in your house but are worried about looking after them, display them in your bathroom and you will see them thrive. The humidity, heat and steam from your shower and bath will help keep this tropical flower hydrated and blooming.

By placing it on your windowsill, it can get the sunlight it needs. Also, with it being almost fragrance-free, you can indulge and enjoy your scented bath products and essential oils so you can properly relax.


Do you have your own little office in your home? Then, the best flowers we suggest are actually succulents. Just as beautiful and luscious as a vase full of a budding bouquet, these plants are both maintenance and hassle-free.

In addition to this, they also promote well-being and productivity in your space so you can focus more when you’re hard at work. As a positive, if you don’t have that much luck with keeping flowers alive, they don’t need watering regularly as they store their water over a long period of time.


You may not think to put flowers in your bedroom because the majority of time spent in there is sleeping. But, it is always nice to wake up to a stunning arrangement and they really do tie the whole room together.

We suggest roses for the bedroom, as it is an intimate space in the house and can add a hint of romance and mystery for couples. At the Magic Flower Company, we supply a wide range of Magic Roses, with a number of colours and different arrangements available. So, you can find and create the ideal rose flower bouquet for your bedroom.

Long-Lasting Flowers from the Magic Flower Company

Do you love flowers in your home but hate replacing them every week? Come and browse our collections today and find flowers and arrangements you love that can also last for months on end! Enjoy your Magic Flowers for longer this year.

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