What Flowers Should I Get for New Babies?

What Flowers Should I Get for New Babies?

One occasion that is always exciting to celebrate is the arrival of a new baby! Whether it’s a friend or family member, it’s a huge event that will be remembered for a long time to come. What’s the best gift for such a significant celebration though?

We would always suggest flowers; we suggest moving away from the colours of the bouquet as the focus of your decision and choosing your perfect bunch from the time of year instead.

Guide to Choosing New Baby Flowers

Springtime Flowers for Springtime Babies


Of course, the number one choice for springtime babies is daffodils. The symbol of new beginnings and the vibrant yellow blooms brightening any room, they are the ideal welcome into the world.

Cherry Blossoms

The symbol of new life and beginnings in Japan is cherry blossom, so this is also a great option as a gift for springtime babies. Both their delicate pink flowers and their unique composition as a bouquet make these flowers a one-of-a-kind choice.


Hyacinths are extremely well-known for meaning joy and there isn’t a more joyful occasion than the birth of a new baby. Pink hyacinths in particular represent playful joy which could be seen to reflect the unique happiness this event.

Summertime Flowers for Summertime Babies


Did you know that hydrangeas represent sincere feelings? So, if you want to show your sincere happiness for your loved one on this special occasion, hydrangeas will do this for you. Express your wholehearted congratulations with these voluminous blooms.


In the season where the sun is out the most, amplify that with a big bunch of sunflowers for the new baby. Signifying lasting happiness and joy, sunflowers are the ultimate summer bloom that mirror the cheer and delight of this occasion.


These large, extravagant daisies come in such a variety of colours, so you can create the perfect bouquet that is tailored for the recipient. Whether you choose a monotone colour scheme or a rainbow theme, we’re sure they will add a pop of colour to any room.

Autumnal Flowers for Autumnal Babies


Another flower that comes in multiple hues to suit your new parents and child are chrysanthemums with their vibrant and full blooms. Signifying optimism and long life, there’s nothing more you would want to wish them for at the start of their journey.


A fellow relative of the chrysanthemum, dahlias are also beautiful choices for a new baby bouquet. Significantly, they embody a lasting bond between two people, including new parents and their child, which makes this arrangement both meaningful and stunning.


Pastel pink roses symbolise admiration and appreciation for the new parents which will make an impact on them straight away. Yellow roses represent joy and celebration which is perfect during this time. Why not mix both these colours together in your bunch?

Wintertime Flowers for Wintertime Babies


Named as January’s birth flower, carnations are long-lasting, low maintenance and are beautiful. Used to fill out other arrangements or just as pretty on their own, handpick the hues that you love, and you know the new family will love too.


Flowering at Christmas, the amaryllis is the epitome of festivity and celebration. The most common colours are red and white and with the purpose to give these blooms to someone you find beautiful, there will be no hesitation to gift them to a newborn baby. 


Blooming from mid-winter to early spring, freesias are a good choice for a gift for new parents. Their goblet-shaped flowers are unique and long-lasting, plus their sweet, delicious scent is tantalising and fills the room. Flowers and so much more!

Long-Lasting Floral Gifts for New Babies

If you want to give a gift to the new parents that will extend this celebration and remind them of this beautiful event, why not choose Magic Flower Arrangements? Lasting up to a year, they can symbolise the first fantastic year of their child and, being maintenance-free, its one less thing to think about!

Have a browse of our arrangements today to see all of our different options.

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