What Flowers Make a Good House-Warming Gift?

Moving house is an exciting time. It’s a chance to make memories and start fresh. Naturally, you’ll want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. But, what gift should you give to a loved one who is moving?

Here, we’ve put together some great choices for you!

1. Roses

One of the most iconic flowers are roses, available in a range of colours. Each rose colour can symbolise something different. These meanings can vary from romantic love to friendship and joy. Depending on what your relationship is with the mover, you dictate what colour you want to give. Alternatively, they’re beautiful flowers so no matter which you go for, they will make an excellent choice.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers instantly brighten any room and, by extension, any home. Renowned for its bright yellow flowers and long stems, a sunflower is often associated with loyalty and longevity. Perfect, for those starting in a new home.

These flowers are perfect for those looking for charming aesthetics.


3. Lilies

Known for their long petals and beautiful smell, these elegant flowers are a symbol of purity and refined beauty. Lilies are great for adding sophistication to any space.

They also come in different variations:

Asiatic Lilies – Perfect for those wanting to add a pop of colour and have a sensitive sense of smell as they lack fragrance.

Oriental Lilies – For those who want to create a luxurious atmosphere, this variation gives off a beautiful fragrance.

4. Orchids

 Another iconic flower; orchids are instantly recognisable. Symbolising elegance and strength, these blooms are known for their long-lasting life. This is what makes them a perfect choice for new homeowners.

5. Mixed Bouquets 

If you can’t settle on one flower, why not try a combination? If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at what is in season.

Below, we’ve given you a few ideas to start you off.

Spring Flowers

Summer Flowers

Autumn Flowers

Winter Flowers


How to Make Bouquets More Personal?

You can add a personal touch in various ways. Anything from Monogrammed vases to handwritten notes. Flowers don’t always mean last minute; you can go the extra mile depending on what you pair it with.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, The Magic Flower Company can create bespoke preserved flower bouquets meaning you can add a touch of colour and elegance for up to a year.

Get in touch today and speak to an expert.

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