What Flowers Should I Choose for Our Zoom Wedding?

What Flowers Should I Choose for Our Zoom Wedding?


The cancelling and postponing of special events this year has been overwhelming. However, even though wedding season is a bit different in 2020, we don’t want to forget about it. We still want your special day to feel incredibly special, whether you are having a socially distanced wedding outside or in the comfort of your own home streaming it on Zoom.

Hosting your wedding ceremony at your house doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Invite all of your friends and family on Zoom and decorate your home to the nines with beautiful blooms. 

First, Set Up Your Checkpoints

Before you get started with choosing your flowers, make sure you choose your checkpoints and where you will be setting up your webcam or laptop. This could be a couple of different locations, you may not want the ceremony and reception in the same place, and you might need to adjust the height of the stand. 

Once you have decided and established where your recording device is going to sit, you can assess the area and where the best places to display flowers and decorations are. You want everyone to be able to see them, especially if there are pictures still being taken! You can also give the area a good old clean ready for the big day.

Second, Where You Will Buy Your Flowers?

Are your local florists still open? Are markets still happening near you? Will online florists be reliable enough? For peace of mind, the Magic Flower Company are still delivering as normal but with additional hygiene measure and contactless delivery in place.

 We also specialise in Wedding Flower Arrangements and our bouquets are designed to last for up to a year so you can rest assured your flowers will look fresh and beautiful on arrival. Decorations, bridal bouquet, confetti, we can take care of it all for you – Talk to us today to find out more information. 

Third, Think About Your Theme

This is where the flowers come in. No matter if you wanted a boho, chic theme, you fancied sticking to a specific colour scheme, or you dreamt of minimalism, there are flowers from the Magic Flower Company that can help you achieve anything.

For boho décor, we supply a wide range of Magic Foliage and Filler Flowers that can be used around your house. Best for hanging from light fittings or high furniture, the greenery can float down and create an ethereal atmosphere. Also, by pairing the two together in a vase, you can have voluminous arrangements dotted around your space.

Our Hand Tied Bouquets are all created with colour schemes in mind, so you don’t have to worry about it. Beautiful florals harmonising with vibrant foliage, you can capture the tones and hues you’ve been thinking about. We now also stock a choice of Vases, Jugs and Pots so you can carry on the consistency throughout your home wedding venue.

If you are a minimalist and looking for simple floral decoration, look no further than our Magic Roses. Available in a huge array of colours, you can stock up on single stems and dot them around your house in bud vases. These little pops of elegance will make your space feel that tiny bit more special and, once the day is over, you can gather them altogether and create a big bouquet.

Lastly, Make Your Special Day Last

By choosing the Magic Flower Company, you are investing in stunning floral décor that will last for months to come. You will be able to remember your wedding day for even longer with your Magic Flowers, making it even more special.

We hope our ideas have inspired you and you take a look through our shop so you can see what we have to offer. If you would like any advice or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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