What Flower Symbolises New Beginnings?

Beautiful flowers and preserved flower arrangements don’t simply brighten up the home and the recipient’s day, they can also carry powerful meanings. Flowers that represent new beginnings are a particularly popular choice because they can be used in friendships, relationships, and a variety of other life situations.

If you’re wondering “what flower symbolises new beginnings?”, the good news is that there are several choices available. Some get their meaning from mythology and ancient history while others are linked to more modern traditions. Here are six of the best plants that symbolise new beginnings and why.


Daffodils have connotations with springtime which instantly links them to the concept of new beginnings. However, the symbolism is also linked to the Greek deity Narcissus. Due to this, however, a single bunch of daffodils may be viewed as bad luck - either have several bunches around the home or give the gift more than once.

They are often given at the start of the year while the tradition is also shared by celebrants of the Chinese New Year.

Calla Lily 

The calla lily, which takes its name from the Greek word for beauty, is one of many flowers that represent new beginnings. Preserved flower arrangements featuring the bright flower and its distinguished silky petals are very popular for celebrating the birth of a child. They also regularly appear at weddings to signify the new beginning.

White Tulips

A variety of white flowers can be gifted to symbolise new beginnings, including white carnations. However, white tulips can be the ideal choice when hoping to start a new chapter in your relationship. It is the ideal way to make an apology to your lover in a bid for forgiveness in a romantic way.

White is a colour that stands for purity and calmness. Therefore, it is widely considered one of the best flowers that represent new beginnings.


When asking “what flower symbolises new beginnings?”, it’s equally important to confirm that it matches the intended purpose. Roses are a great anniversary gift that are the perfect way to celebrate the start of the next year in your love story. The romantic gesture can carry even greater emotional response when you consider the number of flowers given.


Daisies are pure and innocent making them the perfect choice for celebrating fresh beginnings while they simultaneously transport most people back to childhood. The classic flower also works exceptionally well when paired with a range of other flowers. This makes them great for preserved flower arrangements.

Sunflowers are another popular choice connected with new life and can be used to signify a new beginning.

The Lotus Flower 

The Lotus flower is immensely spiritual and can represent rebirth and resurrection. It carries a lot of meaning in Hindu and Buddhist cultures while many ancient civilisations associated the planet with new beginnings as well as beauty. It can subsequently be used to celebrate a range of new chapters and journeys.

What Flowers Should I Give to Present New Beginnings?

When looking for flowers that celebrate new beginnings, you should consider the bond between you and the recipient as well as your budget and personal preferences.

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