What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About Your Personality?

It’s no secret that flowers can often have a hidden meaning, almost like their own language. It’s hard to know what flower means what and what exactly you’re saying when gift giving with flowers. So, what does your favourite flower say about you?

Once you understand what your favourite flowers mean, you can take gift giving to the next level and really get your loved one something that speaks to them and represents their personality.

In this blog, we look into what the true meaning of flowers are.


What Do Roses say About You?

Roses are a timeless classic. Usually, if the rose is your favourite, it can often mean you exude confidence. Similar to the different hues of the beautiful flower, your personality shines bright and are complimented on for your originality. You have an ability to both give and receive love in abundance, truly cherished by your loved ones.

What Do Sunflowers Say About You?

The flower that blooms in the summer often symbolises an adventurous spirit, radiating warmth and energy. You’re probably known for embracing new experiences and being a positive influence on those around you.


What Does It Mean If Hydrangeas Are My Favourite Flower? 

There are many stunning variations of hydrangeas, and this is mirrored in your personality. Thriving in change and finding peace in nature, you’re known for being versatile. You’re also probably a source of comfort for many around you with your vibrant spirit letting the many colours of your personality shine. 

What do Chamomiles Say About My Personality?

A chamomile is a complex flower; that’s probably why it’s your favourite. Your resilience is unmatched, so you have a knack for navigating the surprises life brings.  Also, paired with the fact you are fiercely loyal despite being a complex person, you’re someone everyone wants in their corner.

What Do Lilies Say About You?

If you’re favourite flower is the lily, chances are you have a strong sense of self and pride. Your charm draws people to you and you possess a keen eye for beauty in all forms.


What Do Violets Say About Your Personality?

Are violets your flower of choice? If so, then you’re probably known for being empathetic and love the finer things in life. Gentle natured and armed with a resilience that only few can match, you have a knack of seeing magic in every moment and letting your unique essence shine. 

What Do Chrysanthemums Say About Me? 

If chrysanthemums are your favourite flower, you’re known for your perfectionism. You probably have a seriousness and dedication that sets you apart from the rest. You may come across as reserved at times but your attention to detail is admired by your loved ones.

What Does It Mean If Orchids Are My Favourite Flower?

If an orchid is a favourite flower, you probably have an innovative spirit and hunger for adventure. Filled with creative ideas and often taking the unconventional approach, it’s what sets you apart from the crowd.

These are just some examples of the plethora of flower meanings that the language of gift giving contains. If you really want to make it super special, why not make them long lasting? At Magic Flower Company, we can take your favourite flowers and extend their life for up to a year. This means that you can enjoy their beauty all year long.

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