What Does Eucalyptus Symbolise?

What Does Eucalyptus Symbolise?

Eucalyptus gets its name from the Greek word ‘eu’ which means good, well, true, beautiful or very and the word ‘kalypto’ which means cover, conceal or hide, in reference to the caps that cover the plant’s flowers.

Mostly indigenous to Australia, over time eucalyptus has become a favoured foliage across the world, not just for its beauty but its spiritual and medicinal properties too.

In our latest blog, we look into some of the symbolism relating to eucalyptus plants.

What Does Eucalyptus Mean?

What Does Eucalyptus Symbolise?

For the Indigenous peoples of Australia, eucalyptus is considered the holy tree, representing the division of the underworld, Earth and heaven.

Eucalyptus is said to have a purifying, cleansing effect, similar to sage, that clears away any negative energy in the space it’s burned in. The plant can also be used in sachets and charm bags for good health and protection.

Some more symbolism associated with eucalyptus plants includes:

  • Inner and outer strength: the inner layers are strong enough to hold themselves together whilst the outer layers are hard and tough to protect the entirety of the plant
  • Leadership: eucalyptus plants are highly adaptive, able to grow just as well in new conditions as in its native surroundings

What Does Eucalyptus Symbolise?

Another interesting fact about eucalyptus is that scientists have discovered that the plant’s roots extract gold from the soil. However, because the precious metal is toxic to eucalyptus, it tries to get rid of it through the leaves. Although scientists have only found small quantities of gold within eucalyptus plants, the presence of it alone indicates that there is gold in the ground below.

Preserved Eucalyptus from The Magic Flower Company

Preserved eucalyptus makes a beautiful addition to any home, whether its displayed alone or with other flowers in a bouquet or arrangement.

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