What Autumnal Flowers Should You Put in Your Bespoke Flower Arrangements?

Bespoke preserved flower arrangements are the perfect way to bring a touch of class to your home or business and will provide a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that will last.

With the iconic autumn season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to invest in bespoke preserved flower arrangements that will set the cosy vibe that you desire. Before making a purchase, though, it’s important to consider what autumnal flowers should make your flower gift box order. Here’s all you need to know.


When looking at flower arrangements for any occasion, eucalyptus is a regular feature. While the autumn months are primarily about brown, red, and gold foliage, eucalyptus leaves add a dash of gorgeous green. It can have a hugely positive influence on your mood, which is why it is a worthy member of preserved flower arrangements for autumn. 

The tall eucalyptus leaves add height and volume to the bespoke preserved flower arrangements. Whether they stick out above the tops of your flowers or weave into the design doesn't matter. You will find that they add an extra layer of intrigue. 


When you think about autumnal flower arrangements, it’s all about the colour. Bespoke preserved flower arrangements for this time of the year should focus on a palette of reds, browns, oranges, and yellow with a dash of pink.

Whether it’s green, yellow, or red solidago, you can be sure that your autumn bespoke flower arrangements will benefit from their presence. The shape of the long stems and slender leaves offer phenomenal versatility. Not least because they deliver a subtle burst of colour that won’t overpower the other dried flowers in your design.

The subtle dark yellow is a particularly popular choice and can be used with dried daisies for a stunning appearance. When looking to bring a touch of nature into the home or business setting, solidago should be included in your selection or flower gift box.

Preserved Roses

There is no question that preserved roses will look fantastic throughout the year. However, they are a particularly effective option at this time of the year. The combination of reds, whites, and oranges will create the perfect autumnal feel to complement other features of your bespoke preserved flower arrangements.

The red and white preserved roses will look fantastic throughout the subsequent festive period and throughout the winter months towards Valentine’s Day too, thus making them a great option for the next few months (and probably beyond).


Finally, while they aren’t technically flowers, the right choice of vase is vital for all bespoke preserved flower arrangements. Choose carefully thinking about the size, shape, and colour. When you get this decision right, it will bring the whole design to life.

If you’re looking for a bespoke flower arrangement for any occasion that will make a lasting impression don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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