Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

We’re heading into wedding season, so we’re excited to explore the new wedding flower trends for 2024! Every year it’s something different and if you’re looking for some inspiration for your wedding this year, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending so far this year and what you should expect to see at these magical events.

Bright, Bold & Vibrant Colour Palette

Take the risk and make a statement with vivid colours this year. For maximum impact, adding pops of colours throughout your wedding bouquets, arrangements and installation, you can create the most eye-catching display that carries through the entire day. When you choose one colour, try and choose the opposite to pair with it. To make it even more special, choose colours that are unique to you as a couple; maybe both your favourite colours or ones that feature in your shared home.

Take inspiration from our Bamboo Bright arrangement with a bright mix of florals displayed in a vibrant orange bamboo vase.


Take Floral Installations to the Next Level

Ever thought about arranging flowers in unusual places? Instead of hanging flower installations, what about grounded displays, cascading lampshades or high-impact wall arrangements. By opting for different installations at different levels, you are able to create striking focal points and immersive experiences for your guests. These can also be moved from location to location, from inside to outside, to anchor the event and bring it all together.

Take inspiration from our wide range of preserved single roses as building blocks to construct these showpieces.


Combine Different Textures & Shapes 

If you would prefer more of a neutral palette for your wedding, mix up the textures and shapes within your floral decorations. Different blooms have different characters, whether they’re soft or spiky, fluffy or glossy, by combining multiple species of flowers, you can create a truly unique bouquet or floral decoration.

Take inspiration from our Sorbet Letterbox Bouquet with a mix of a foliage base, pink heather and gypsophila, finished with lavender sprigs and white bunny tails.

Unexpected Non-Floral Elements

Ever thought about adding elements to your floral decorations that aren’t flowers? Another way you can get creative is by adding fresh produce; they not only add a great pop of colour by they also bring an aromatic fragrance to your special day. You could add herbs, like rosemary or mint, fruits, like lemons or limes, or vegetables, to create a fresh and natural feel to the surroundings.

Take inspiration from our Meadows Foliage Bouquet and match the billy buttons with some lemons and mix with some basil for an organic fragrance.

Any of these new trends inspiring you? There are so many opportunities to get creative and bring out your individual personalities through your wedding flowers. Make your decorations completely unique to your venue and your relationship.

By choosing to decorate with preserved flowers, you can enjoy these features for up to a year after the special day! Get in touch with us today to create your bespoke flower arrangement or browse our hand-tied bouquets, gift ideas and vases for more inspiration.

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